Spring Break 2014 – St. Petersburg, Florida

If you follow me on Instagram you already have seen some pictures of my Florida adventure. Now we are not usually a big traveling Spring Break family.  If we do we usually go and visit family.  But this year I was talking to a girlfriend of mine (Erin) and her husband had to work and mine was out of the country so on a whim we decided to brave a road trip with 4 kids and drive down to St. Petersburg, Florida.


It was one of those ideas that I didn’t know would be a good one until after the week was over.  I mean braving a week with 4 kids and over 32 hours in the car seemed a little crazy.  Erin and I are new friends too.  I have known her since December.  I have known her very well though, since she is my personal trainer, but still.  What if she annoyed me to no end, snored at night, and only let me eat healthy food?  HA!  Well I am happy to report I adore her more after a week, a 3-hour traffic jam in Elizabethtown, KY, a Ben & Jerry’s icecream binge and bickering over “whiny” music in the car.  She is my soul sister.

photo 2

The road trip down there went well.  We decided to take 2 days to get there and stayed in Atlanta with my in-laws so we wouldn’t have to put in a 16 hour day of driving.  Neither one of us desired to be exhausted for a whole day because of driving nonstop.


Since we planned this trip like three weeks ago there wasn’t much to choose from as far as accommodations.  So we stayed in an older place called Gulf Winds.  And it was just okay.  There were people who came their every year for decades so it was mostly older people.  We didn’t mind that at all though.  I would rather have that than a bunch of college spring breakers.  Our kiddos had about 4 new sets of grandparents by week’s end. 🙂

We didn’t over plan the week.  Literally our kids just wanted to be in the heated pool and go to the beach.  The one thing we did plan was to take them to The Alligator Attraction in Madeira Beach.  All the boys wanted to see while in Florida was gators.  (Plan on spending about $40 – $50 while you a there holding and feeding gators).  They loved it!  Although Kayla had to be coaxed into touching them.



There is something about reptiles and boys that just go hand in hand.


So funny story…I told Kayla to take a picture by the tortoise.  I was kind of surprised when she got so close to it.  About 5 minutes later she freaked out when she realized it was alive and not a statue.  She wouldn’t go near it again. Bwhahaha!


I think the highlight of The Alligator Attraction was feeding the alligators.  You held these little turkey dogs on the end of a fishing pole type thing and teased the gators and made them jump out of the water.


Besides our big gator adventure the only other thing we made it a point to do was watch the sunset every day.  Living in middle America you don’t get to see sunsets over an ocean.  It was a spectacular view every night.


I was behind the camera the whole time but here is a cool shot I got of Erin and the kiddos jumping (the girl gots hops!)


Isaac and his best bud Andrew…cute boys!


We had such a great time together.  Not only did the kiddos get along great but my kiddos were just so well-behaved.  It swear it must have been the salt and the sun – because they were awesome.  My heart grew a little larger being around them for the week just having fun in the sun and the water without distractions.

isaac-and-kayla-st-petes DSC_0091

So what did you do or are you doing for Spring Break this year?