Spray Painting Door Knobs

I have started the task of spray painting all of the tacky brass door knobs and hinges in my house.  I can handle the brassiness no more!  I know everyone’s question will be…

 “Yah but how does it hold up over time?”



Because I knew you’d ask I called the big dogs.  Literally.

The rep from Krylon said…

“The key to longevity is application and experienced spray painting.” Prep the surface correctly and do not be heavy-handed on your spraying.  Let it cure for 3 days before touching to allow the chemicals to fully harden.”

The rep from Rustoleum said…

“Make sure you clean well with soap and water and sand your surface.  Then use Clean Metal Primer.  A clear coat is optional but will give you an extra layer of protection.  I did this in my grandma’s house over three years ago and they still look great.”

Now I know this task may seem overwhelming to some of you considering I have 18 doors in my house.  But even at a sweet deal it would cost a minimum of $300 to replace just the knobs.  That did not even count the hinges.  So what is a DIY girl to do?  Spray paint of course.  I am going to take my time and just do a room a day.  I don’t wait to get impatient and cut corners, which I know I will have the tendency to do if I go too fast.

1.  Using a screwdriver or power drill unscrew all the hinges and knobs being very careful not to lose anything.

2.  Wash them with soap and water.  I used soap soaked steel wool to clean them.  Let them dry.

3.  Sand! Sand! Sand!  I used 150 grit Sandblaster pad from 3M.  They work well because the sponge is flexible and gets in all the nooks and crannies.


Sand every inch! You need a roughed up surface.  Do not skip this step.  Sand.  Did I mention sand?  Do you want the paint to stick?  THEN SAND FOR GOODNESS SAKE.

See the picture below in all it’s scuffed up brassy glory!


4.  Wipe off all the dust made from sanding….because you sanded…really well….right?

5.  Lightly…lightly…lightly spray with Rustoleum’s Clean Metal Primer.  

Let it dry and then flip your pieces over and spray the other side.

6.  Following the directions between coats on the spray paint allow enough time to dry. Make sure you spray the directed distance away from your knobs.  Light coats are better than one thick coat.  Take your time and lightly spray to avoid drips and get a professional finish.  I used Krylon’s Brush Metallic in a Satin Nickel.

Spray everything even the screws.  I stuck mine in styrofoam to keep them in place while spraying.


I let them dry for a few hours before installing them.  I would suggest waiting (if you can possibly handle it) to install them for 3 days.  I did not…but do as I say not as I do 😉

I am totally jazzed about the updated look.  The Brushed Metallic paint has little flecks of shimmer in it that make it look so pretty and natural.  Goodbye brass, hello class!


2 down, 16 more to go!