Spiral Bound Softback Books

Today I am going to show you a quick tip that I have done for years.  For the last decade or so I have been in a fall and spring bible study.  At the beginning of each semester we get a new soft back bible study curriculum.  About the time I had babies it became increasingly more difficult to lead a bible study while holding my book, bible and a baby. That is when my mom mentioned spiral binding the book to make it easier.  Why didn’t I think of that?


For under $3 I get mine spiral bound at any office supply store that has binding services available.  You just bring your book in and they do the rest.


The nice part about a spiral bind is that it lays flat on the table and you can fold the book back on itself as well.  Even though I don’t have little babies anymore I still get this done for every study.  It just makes it so nice and easy to take notes and fill in the answers.


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