Sometimes Cheap Doesn’t Pay Off

Ok so most of you know we are living in the parsonage on the church property. It is a really nice house and a BIG BLESSING to us while we get to know the area and sell our house in Washington (anyone want to buy our house in Washington?) The parsonage has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a random toitie in the laundry room. The living room is 26 feet x 26 feet (ginormous!). Anywho, the only thing we had to pay for when we moved in was a fridge and a stove. Of course, being the bargain hunter that I am I looked in the newspaper and on Craigslist to no avail. However, we found a secondhand appliance store in Indianapolis. So Tim went and got a flat top stove and fridge for $480. The best we could get at Best Buy for the cheapest models were $700. So I was stoked. Well the fridge went out a couple of days after we got it. We called the store and they told us what we needed to do to fix it (we had jacked up the temp too low) and it worked for a while. Well it went out AGAIN! And this time the store closed and is relocating and will open September 1st. So we are screwed. Well we didn’t want to lose all our stuff so we had to make a decision and buy a new one. GRRRR!!! So we went to Home Depot and found they were having a clearance sale. So we got a white one regularly $697 for $497 with a $50 rebate. So $450 was more than I wanted to spend but it was a pretty decent one. Well they went to the back and grabbed one for us and I asked them to throw in free delivery. They said they would but they could not deliver it until Monday. Well that wasn’t going to work for us (how we miss our little red truck at this point) so I asked if they would let us rent aHome Depot truck for free. He said no. So I said, “Is there a manger I could talk to?” So I went and talked to a manager and got the free truck. YEAH! So we get home and then opened the box and much to our surprise we got a faux stainless steel one and not a white one. Double bonus. But we still have the degenerate fridge we have to deal with after September 1st. I am going to kick and scream if they don’t want to give us our money back. Meanwhile enjoy pics of a clean baby boy!