You Inspire Me!

So I have started some of the projects I have seen in blogland lately that I have been wanting to try for a while. I finally broke down and thought my son could handle the responsibility of play-dough. So we made some Kool-Aid play-dough. It was super easy and has great texture. It has provided HOURS of fun…literally.

I thought it would be a neat gift to give if you halved the recipe and mixed all the dry ingredients in smaller ziploc tupperwares and got 2 yards of vinyl for a table cloth and then added random things to a basket like plastic cutlery, googlie eyes, buttons, and other things to play with and then added the recipe. Warning: The recipe makes ALOT. Next time I will half the recipe. I also doubled the salt because it was too sticky. I am sure it lasts as long as regular Play-Doh. We all know that stuff dries out quick. They say it lasts at least 3 months.

Next I made this cute little bag I found on the Three Bears Blog . I have NO idea what I am going to use it for. I used some excess fabric from Kayla’s room decor. Next time I will line the bag though. It is a little flimsy, I think I would like it more with a bit more weight to it. It would make a cute gift if you added some lip gloss, lotion, anti-bacterial soap, etc.

Lastly I saw this original idea on Christian’s blog :Who Would’ve Thought? Tim’s grandma gave me a bunch of baby blocks that actually had a hole pre-drilled. I actually covered all the sides of the blocks except for the letter “I” side. It also gave me a use for all those mini photos you get when you get the $5.99 photo package from Sears 🙂