Snipped and Saved Posts

Yes, that is what they call it.  “They,” meaning Anthropologie.  I love perusing Anthro’s jewelry.  I love funky jeweled items that become conversation pieces when I am wearing them.  I saw these Snipped and Saved Posts and knew I could create the look for a lot less.ANTHR Supplies:

canvas fabric

head pins

small crystals, pearls or other small beads

round nose jeweler’s pliers

flush cutter

chain pliers


glue on posts

hot glue gun

fray check

Flower pattern

1.  Using this pattern cut out two of each flower using the canvas material.  The flowers are tiny so this is the most annoying part…make sure your scissors are sharp and small.DSC05623 2.  After they are cut out apply fray check to the edges to avoid fraying.  I applied clear nail polish to mine because I am too cheap to purchase fray check didn’t have any fray check on hand.

3.  Using a head pin thread four of the flowers starting from biggest to smallest through the head pin.DSC05626 DSC05628 DSC05629 4.  With the rest of the wire from the head pin make a large loop using your round nose pliers wrapping the excess wire around the end of the loop and cutting it with the flush cutter. DSC05630 5.  Next grab some small beads and some headpins and make a basic loop at the top.  For a video tutorial on that check out the free class at Beaducation.DSC05636 6.  Now open up each loop and thread them through the large loop on your flower and then close the loop with the pliers.  Start with the largest bead and then add your smaller beads on.

DSC05632 Add all the beads (I used 8) to the middle loop.

DSC05633 7.  Next flip the flower over and hot glue the post to the back.DSC05639 Wear them with pride…after all your made them for a fraction of the $24 price tag.DSC05637 DSC05656