A Sneaker Peeker

I know you are dying to see some pictures of my kitchen, right? Well I thought I would post a few sneaker peekers for you.

Here is my first cabinet all done. Doesn’t the moulding at the top make all the difference? The pictures do not do it justice because of the flash.

Here is a close-up of the distressed black.

And then I would make dear Thrifty Decor Chick proud with my moulding project. It is seriously as easy as she tells us it is! And she happened to post about her latest moulding project, so go check it out. I heard the angels singing when my mitered corners actually lined up! Here’s another great tutorial on moulding. You have to try it! It cost me $15 for all the moulding on my island and the end of the other cabinet and then $5 for my miter box and saw. SWEET DEAL for the difference it makes, dontcha think? Now just imagine it with a distressed black paint job that it will soon receive. I am also going to add some qaurter round, similiar to this, which will make it look a little more custom and hide the craptastically, cheap cabinets that they are.

And lastly…


I borrowed this from a friend and I am totally going to buy one. For $17 this makes painting a big project GLORIOUS!