Shirt to Pillow

I have had a heck of a time finding coral colored pillows or fabric locally that a)didn’t cost an arm and a leg or b) was the right side of coral.  I checked online and couldn’t find anything that I loved enough to order.  Since I was only wanting one coral pillow I decided to scour my three local Goodwill Stores in search of a coral article of clothing I could transform into a pillow.

coral pillow

Enter an old lady coral blouse from Christopher & Banks found on the rack at Goodwill for $4.29.  It was a little spendy but it was the perfect color and my search could now be over.

coral shirt

1.  I first cut up the sides of the blouse which left me with the buttoned front.  This was perfect because I wouldn’t have to add a zipper or some other form of closure.  So I cut out two 18” x 20” rectangles (one from the front and one from the back of the shirt) making sure the buttons were centered in the middle when I cut it out of the front of the shirt.


2.  Then using the leftover scraps from the arms I made some piping with my zipper foot.  I think piping gives a pillow such a tailored look.  I sewed that onto the edge of the front piece.


3.  Then I pinned the front and back right sides together and used my zipper foot as a guide around the piping to sew it closed.


4.  After clipping the edges I just unbuttoned the buttons in the front and turned it right side out and slid my pillow form in.

Tip: You can usually find cheap bed pillows on sale for $5.  I will buy those and cut them down to create pillow forms.  It is way cheaper than buying pillow forms at a fabric shop.

It was a little tricky working with such a light and flowy material but I love the way it turned out and it added a little pop of color to the bedding that I was looking for.  I also found 2 pillow cases in the same shade of color at Goodwill for $2 and put them behind the shams.  Even though they don’t match the white bed sheets they look great on the bed and I am okay with it.

coral and gray bedding (5)

You can also see the gray ruffle pillows on the bed that I dyed here.

coral and gray bedding (1)

coral and gray bedding (9)

The molding on the wall is such a great backdrop for the coral and gray color palette.  So far I am super happy with the way it is turning out. Are you crushing on coral and gray like I am? To see more coral and gray inspiration check out my Pinterest board.

coral and gray bedroom

So the bed is complete here is what else is on my punch list…

1. Hang curtain rod and find curtains for the room.

2. Get a lamp

3. Find a coral throw to go over a chair in the room

4. Find a long wood dresser for the room

5. Replace the headboard either with a wood one or upholstered one.

6. Decorate the walls

7. Find a few small accessories for the nightstand and table