Shirred Summer Dress

In spite of having a killer cold this weekend my cousin Lindsay came to visit and saved the weekend with our sew-a-thon.  We spent an insane amount of time in my studio with the buzz of our sewing machines and the chatter of fabric, ribbon and shirring!

Have your ever shirred fabric?  It is so fun.  No need to pay $12.99 a yard for shirred fabric when you can do it yourself!

There are tons of tutorials out there for shirring so I won’t give you a how-to.  Here’s a great one to get started with. I will say it is crucial to get your bobbin to the right tension so you will have to play with it a little.  All you need is some fabric, regular sewing machine thread and elastic thread.

I found this skirt at Salvation Army for $.50 last summer.  craft weekend 021 I LOVES me some polka dots so I added it to my fabric collection.  This was a perfect starting point since the bottom of the skirt is already hemmed.  It doesn’t really matter that is was wider than necessary because of the shirring.  I am totally going to be on the lookout for skirts at yard sales this summer since this dress takes like 30 minutes to make once you get the hang of it.

We cut it 15” from the bottom hem and then my cousin, also known as the “the embellishment queen” couldn’t just leave it plain.  Oh no, it is against her religion.  So we sewed ribbon on the bottom.

craft weekend 023craft weekend 024 craft weekend 025We first hemmed the top.  Then starting about a 1/2” from the hem we started sewing lines of elastic thread along the top.  craft weekend 026

craft weekend 028After the shirring is complete you spray a little H2O and steam it with a hot iron and it shrinks all up.

craft weekend 032 craft weekend 033 With rides sides together I pinned it and sewed it up. craft weekend 034Measuring a very wiggly one year old we marked for the ribbon straps and sewed them in place.  Of course, “embellishment queen” made me add a frayed rosette in the middle. Shhhhh….don’t tell her she was right and it is waaaay cuter with the rosette.craft weekend 069

Speaking of waaaay cuter…

DSC05508DSC05512craft weekend 056craft weekend 057

She needed some bloomers to match of course.  So using this tutorial Lindsay…ahem…"embellishment queen” whipped up some with the extra fabric.  Can you get over those rolls or what!!!

craft weekend 049