Shaklee Giveaway Part 2


Last Friday I told you about my love of Shaklee’s Get Clean line. Bonnie Donahue, a consultant for Shaklee sent me some products to review (free of charge to me). I lavished on and on about the Basic H and Scour Off Paste. 

My review of these products became such a looooong post so I asked Bonnie if I could break it up into two posts and two giveaways. So today I want to talk to you about the other products Bonnie sent me.

Shaklee Get Clean Dish Wash Detergent

We have so many chemicals in our water where we live not only do we HAVE to have a water softener and a filter but the ONLY product I can use in my dishwasher without my dishes left with a white nasty film on them is Cascade Complete.  It also happens to be the most expensive on the market.

I am doing the happy dance if I can find the smaller size Cascade Complete for $5.  But I usually pay between $6-7 even with coupons.  Believe me I have tried every brand on the market.  I have to buy this stuff or I am rewashing my dishes.  So I was a huge skeptic about the Get Clean Automatic Dish Wash because you use such a teensy amount and I have already tried so many other products. it works…sparkling clean, no streaks, better-than-the-Cascade clean!  Plus I cheated and only used one teaspoon instead of the two they recommended for the last 8 loads and it is still sparkling clean.  So I figure I can get at least 90 loads from one concentrated 2 lb bag.  At $11.20 ($9.50 member price) a bag it is only $.11-.12 a load!  I was paying about $.25 a load with Cascade. So not only does it work better, is all natural, and half the price!  Ummm…no brainer people!

Next Bonnie also sent me some dishwashing liquid.  I have told you before about my obsession love of foaming soap.  So I had to make it work with the super concentrated liquid.  I used 1 teaspoon of the Shaklee Dishwashing Liquid to one cup of water, added it to my foaming pump and it was the perfect foaming dish soap.

So at that rate with one 16 ounce bottle of this liquid I can make 768 ounces of foaming dish soap.  I go through about 8 ounces every two weeks.  So this bottle will last me over 2 years!  At $8.10 retail price ($6.90 member price) it will cost me about $.06 — $.07 per week. I know, that was alotta math…it stumped me for a while too.  

These products were free to me but I did not make any money for my review.  This is my honest opinion.  I actually bought (yes, purchased with my own money) my dad some of these products for Father’s Day (Basic H, Scour Off, Microfiber Mirror Cloth and the cute Basic H spray bottles).  I really do love them.  If I could sit down with each of you face to face, eye to eye I would proclaim my love of these products and try and convince you to give them a try.  I stake my name on them, you will not be disappointed!

Bonnie is offering a June special for all IC readers:

She is offering a FREE MEMBERSHIP ($19.95 value) with a qualifying order of 50 PV (point value) for JUNE only.  A GET CLEAN STARTER KIT qualifies!  You can view the points at checkout.  When you become a member, you will always receive 15% off all orders including your first one.  There is no minimum requirements to maintain a membership. 

If you do plan on becoming a member email Bonnie first.  She has something up her sleeve to make it even more cost effective.

Bonnie has graciously offered a sample of the Basic H formula (enough to make two bottles of cleaner) to seven of my readers . Leave a comment telling me what you hate to clean the most to be entered to win.


Bonnie blogs at House of Grace.  She shares uses for Basic H here.  She also talks about the Get Clean Kit which she recommends to families who really want to make the biggest difference in their home by making the switch to go green.