Shaklee Get Clean Giveaway


I am totally, completely, unabashedly in love with the Get Clean line of cleaning products manufactured by Shaklee.  Bonnie Donahue, a consultant for Shaklee sent me some products to review (free of charge to me).

I am completely and utterly amazed with these products.  I was kind of hoping I would dislike one of the products so my review would sound more believable to you.  But I can’t.  I literally packed up all my old products to donate them.  I am a Shaklee Get Clean customer for life.  DSC05835

First of all they are all organic.  Now…I am not an organic, tree hugging, veggie eating, cloth diapering, sugar-free gal.  No disrespect to those that are.  But it is just not me.  So the fact that they were safe and green didn’t really jump out at me. I know, I know, it should have! 

What jumped out at me IS THAT THESE PRODUCTS ARE FAR SUPERIOR THAN ANY I HAVE EVER USEDThey rock!  But even more so THEY ARE CHEAPER THAN WHAT I CURRENTLY USE, with coupons and all!  Click here for the cost comparison.

Case in point #1 Scour Off Paste

I am so totally embarrassed to show you my oven before I cleaned. If it weren’t for the fact that Bonnie asked me to take before and after pictures and I 110% believe in the products, I would not show you this picture.  Please, no casting stones.DSC05806 DSC05810 I used the Get Clean Scour Off Paste and cleaned like I normally would…shu’up! I really do clean it…like once a year…maybe!  The caked on, burnt gunk completely melted away.  I was shocked.  I mean how could it work that well and not have dynamite or something in it? My oven has never been this clean.  If you have a ceramic smooth oven top you need this stuff.  It is seriously amazing!DSC05826

Case in Point #2

My favorite Shaklee Get Clean product is the super concentrated Basic H.

This 16 ounce bottle makes a degreaser, window/glass cleaner, and an all purpose cleaner.  I literally put 2 drops…2 DROPS of Basic H into a 16 ounce bottle of water to make the window/glass cleaner and it works better than ANY Windex, Sparkle, or glass cleaner I HAVE EVER USED! Not one streak people.  No touch ups. No “I-missed-a-spot.” Just beautiful, sparkling streak-free glass.DSC05953

(Yes this is really a picture through my glass window!)

DSC05954I used the degreaser (2 tsp of Basic H to to 16 ounces of water) on my painted black cabinets and my black table and chairs.  Usually I have to respray spots to get all the greasy, grubby, nasty, 4 year-old fingerprints off.  But not with this stuff.  I already used one whole bottle of degreaser because I got so stinkin’ excited to clean using this stuff. 

BeforeDSC05790 After

DSC05793 Before

DSC05792 AfterDSC05794

Bonnie is offering a June special for all IC readers:

She is offering a FREE MEMBERSHIP ($19.95 value) with a qualifying order of 50 PV (point value) for JUNE only.  A GET CLEAN STARTER KIT qualifies!  You can view the points at checkout.  When you become a member, you will always receive 15% off all orders including your first one.  There is no minimum requirements to maintain a membership. 

If you do plan on becoming a member email Bonnie first.  She has something up her sleeve to make it even more cost effective.

Bonnie has graciously offered to five of my readers a sample of the Basic H formula (enough to make two bottles of cleaner). Leave a comment telling me what product you normally use for all-purpose cleaning for a chance to win.


Bonnie blogs at House of Grace.  She shares uses for Basic H here.  She also talks about the Get Clean Kit which she recommends to families who really want to make the biggest difference in their home by making the switch to go green.