Sewing Machine Table

I spent hours and hours planning and thinking through every aspect of my craft room.  I thought through where to put my iron, how to store my paint, what color scheme I wanted, how to organize everything, where the kids would create, and most importantly… what would function best for our family. I literally looked online for hours trying to figure out what work table/island would work best before I landed on my large craft table idea.

So when it came to making a sewing area for my studio I thought through that as well.  And this is what I came up with…


In the original plan Sandra designed for me we had planned on building a sewing workspace/desk too.

Craft room plans

With the cost of wood and hinges for drawers, I was thinking through whether or not that was the best option for the space/money.  Also since the cabinets are so highly functional for anyone, this space wouldn’t need to be limited to a craft studio down the road.  This room could transition into a home office, playroom, TV room, or game room.  However, putting a built-in desk in the mix could potentially limit this room’s functionality for the above ideas.

In the end I opted for a desk on Craigslist.  It was actually the Shutter Desk at Home Decorators for $499.  Somehow this guy on Craigslist buys furniture in lots from storage units, etc.  I don’t know.  I didn’t ask questions. So I was able to get it for $200. That is a wee bit higher than I normally would have wanted to spend, but it was the perfect size I needed.  It has drawers to put my sewing supplies in, as well as, a filing cabinet to the left and doors on it to hide my computer and Silhouette machine.  Plus it was brand new.  Seeing as how I was going to spend at least $160 to build a desk with all the wood and hardware I didn’t think it was a bad deal after all.

sewing machine desk

The only problem was that it was black.  However, it was nothing a little primer and paint couldn’t rectify.

sewing table

Originally I wanted to get a Parsons chair for my desk. I was thinking I would find one one Craigslist and reupholster it. In the end, I opted to respraypaint (yep that is totally a word!) my sewing desk chair from my previous studio a Rust-Oleum Deep Blue blue to fit in this new space.

spray painted pink chair

Yowsers!  I am so glad I have more of a calming color palette in my new studio.

sewing table chair

A couple of years back I showcased a trash can I had made out of an old chandelier arm.  I had spray painted it a bright pink.

trash can from a chandelier

While that worked for the color scheme in my old studio it needed to be subdued in my new space.  Some primer and Rust-Oleum Metallic Silver Spray Paint made it fit right in.

silver trash can

And here is my new sewing space that also functions as a desk when necessary or a vinyl cutting station when I pull out my Silhouette machine.

sewing table

sewing desk


The entire studio reveal is coming soon.  Stay tuned.