Sequin Flowers


These little sequin flowers are a perfect project to do while you are watching a nighttime TV show.  They are so adorable and shiny…it is a fun way to add a little bling…


to your hair, purse or shirt. 



1” sequins (Hobby Lobby)



coordinating felt

seed beads


alligator clip or pin back


1.  I started out by cutting a 3’’ x 3” piece of red felt.  Then using a needle and thread I sewed my sequins on one at a time just like you would a button.  I sewed mine on going through each hole twice to secure it.  For the big flower my bottom layer had 12 sewn on sequins.IMG_1466 2.  Next fold a bunch of sequins in half.  Sew those on spacing them in between the first layer of flat sequins (12 sequins also). IMG_1471 3.  Then add one last layer of seven folded sequins…IMG_1474 4. At this point you can add a fourth layer of sequins or add beads.  I just sew them on two at a time and then fill in the bare spots with one bead at a time.  IMG_1476 5.  Next flip it over and cut off the excess felt.IMG_1477IMG_1478  6.  Cut out another circle of red felt and cut a small slit in it.IMG_1479 7.  Slide an alligator clip into the slit and then hot glue it onto the the piece of felt connected to your flower.  You can obviously use a pin back if you’d rather make a sequined flower pin.IMG_1480IMG_1487Have a bad hair day and then stick this gorgeous flower in.  No one will realize your hair looks like crap 😉IMG_1485

Here is one I made where I used seed beads to make stamens in the middle of the flower. 

IMG_1465 IMG_1462