Run, Crazy Girl!

I am crazy. Did you know that? I somehow got talked into THIS

What is “THIS” you ask? It is a 200-mile overnight relay race through the hills of Kentucky called The Bourbon Chase. There are 6 couples from our church participating in this and I got talked into being one of them. I have to run 3 different legs for a total of 15.6 miles. I most likely will be running one leg in the middle of the night. Yah…I am crazy.

So I started my training last week. I had to run two one-milers and two two-milers for a total of 6 miles for the week. The first day I wanted to quit. The second day I wanted to die. The third day I wanted to kill someone. Not bad, right?

The fourth day I ran with hubby so I felt more competitive and motivated. I ran the two miles in 19:36. My goal is to stay under a 10-minute mile.

I started today running one mile and I did it in 9:56 and it actually didn’t feel like my lungs were going to explode. Success.

I have 20 weeks to train so I should be able to do “THIS'” right? Oh dear.