Ruffle Pillow

Ruffles are everywhere. They are so trendy right now and I love it. I have seen them on shirts, onesies, aprons, skirts, tank tops, socks, necklaces, shoes, purses, and pillows.

I told you I wanted to add some color to the Roadkill Rescue headboard and bedding. I love all the stark white and how versatile it is. With a change of pillows I have a whole new look. However, it was killing me not to have some color on the bed. So I had to whip up some pillows to change that and ruffles were necessary.

What do you think? Do I need something more? Maybe one more pillow between the two of them? Or is the outrageous pattern and foofy frills enough?

And for Today’s Thrifty Treasures how about a little curbside?

See that beat up desk in the corner? Yep… found it roadside. FREEEEE BABYYYYY! I haven’t decided if it is going to stay there yet. I usually have things sit there for a couple of days before I make a decision of whether or not I like it in that spot or not. Then it gets a refab.

Amazing someone threw that away isn’t it? I see some major potential in it, don’t you? A fresh coat of paint, a change of hardware and she is going to be a babe.

Speaking of free…I always run the night before trash pickup. This week was heavy trash pickup which means you can throw out anything. I loves me some heavy trash pick up days! I always seem to score some incredible treasures. Do you like how I schedule my runs around trash? LOL!

So I was doing my 4 mile run and I spotted that desk. I didn’t know if it was truly trash or not because there were no trash cans around it. I went up to the door all sweaty and gross and asked the guy and he looked at me like I had horns on my head when I asked if I could have it. So I moved it out of the way so no one else would snatch it up.

Then I spotted another beauty that was clearly being thrown away…

And would you just look at the inside? GASPPP!

So I actually did my four mile run in 37 minutes, 15 seconds. That is the by far the fastest I have ever ran four miles. I was so nervous someone would take the chest that I think I was kickin’ chickin so I could get home, hop in my mom van, and go grab it before someone else saw the potential in it.

No I will not tell you where I live or what day trash pick up is. It is my trash…step off!

Tomorrow I will show you the uber cool prize pack for the Roadkill Rescue party on Monday.