Roadkill Rescued Photo Frame

I know some of you are going to die when I tell you I took apart a nice armoire for parts and pieces.   But it had a broken drawer inside and some major chipped off wood in one of the corners.   I really had no use for it as it was but I could not pass it up.   My friend found it curbside after a community yard sale.   It sat in her garage for months and her husband finally told her she had to get rid of it.   So then it sat in my garage for a while before I decided to take it apart.


I am loving the pulls on the drawers.   I actually just destroyed the top part of the armoire.   I still have the bottom part to be used at a later time for a small dresser or something like that.

IMG_1210 IMG_1211

So after busting this thing apart I used the side of the armoire to make a picture frame.



I needed to cover the raw edges because it was quite unsightly.


I purchased two different mouldings to cover the edges.


Using my $5 miter saw and box I cut the moulding to fit around my armoire frame.


I spread wood glue on each piece and then using my air nail gun I tacked one of the mouldings in place. Here is what it looks like after one of the mouldings is in place.


And here it is with both mouldings in place.


Then I filled all the nail holes and blemishes with wood filler.   I heart wood filler!

Then I spray primed and painted it with Krylon black spray paint.


I purchased these photo corners from Michaels.   They are the Martha Stewart glittered photo corners.


I slid my 5” x 7” pictures in place and then I hot glued the corners for extra hold.


I used screws and wire to create a hangar on the back and hung it on my wall.   I love how I can change out the pictures easily enough by removing them from the photo corners.


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  1. You do see things outside the box! I love how you converted this into looking like it was a window at one time! You did a fantastic job!

  2. Absolutely one of the best ideas I have come across recently.

  3. Wow! I would have never thought of something like that. How creative!

  4. Wow, it's amazing how that brain of yours work! Great project!

  5. Perfected Photographs says

    Seriously? Your creativity kills me!!! That it amazing, nice job =)

  6. Fussy Monkey Business says

    This is great! I did a similar treatment with an old coffee table top:o)

  7. The Tidy Brown Wren says

    I love how the black paint makes the photos pop. Beautiful!

  8. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    VERY COOL! I don't know anyone else who could look at an armoire and see "picture frame." Great job! 🙂

  9. Tru@TRU TALES FEATS says

    Awesome! Why can't I find roadkill like that?

  10. So clever. All the roadkill I see is broken and peeling and never anywhere near that condition. Looks great!

  11. Wow!! It looks amazing. I am so impressed with what a little paint can do–gets me everytime!! Love love love this idea!

  12. says

    woohooo! great job! You still have a lot left of that piece.
    Love the paned look of that frame. Like a window but no glass to break.

  13. Accountant By Day says

    I agree that is incredibly clever! Great job – I really like it!

  14. Great job! What are you going to do with the rest of the piece.

  15. I am loving this! I had to bookmark this for inspiration in the future!

  16. Amazing! Love the idea of being able to change out the photos too.
    I saw a ratty old dresser on the side of the road the other day and thought, "I bet Beckie could make that thing gorgeous!"

  17. Lucy Designs says

    Beckie, Beckie, Beckie! as usual, genius!! I love it and loving all the other pieces and parts of that armoire you get to use!

  18. The British Homemaker says

    Good grief this is just amazing!! I totally love how it turned out and how it came into being!!! 🙂

  19. Daisy Head Maisy says

    OMG that is so freaking adorable! I love it! Im getting ready to use a vintage frame to put around a shelf Im making in my bathroom wall… I love the ideas you come up with, gives me more inspiration!

  20. I love it!! What a great idea!

  21. Lil Mama Stuart says

    oh my, LOVE! however, I'm still intimidated by crafting with tools!

  22. Love the project – and REALLY love those pictures of your children – great photos for that project!

  23. OK now I am really inspired! So many of those armoires show up for free on craigslist etc and I pass them by because they are too big to move etc… But, if I show up with a screw driver!

  24. WOW that is an awesome idea!

  25. What a great idea!!! That looks fantastic!

  26. ——>Katie Bolinger says

    brilliant. Amazing what an eye for design and a bit of paint can do.

  27. ——>Katie Bolinger says

    brilliant. Amazing what an eye for design and a bit of paint can do.

  28. ——>Katie Bolinger says

    brilliant. Amazing what an eye for design and a bit of paint can do.

  29. ——>Katie Bolinger says

    brilliant. Amazing what an eye for design and a bit of paint can do.

  30. I don't like it I LOVE it!!!!
    I need pictures for my wall and would love to make something that I could switch the pictures out in so quickly!

    ATL MOm Guide

  31. Practically Spent says

    My dad was a self-taught, amazing woodworker in his retirement. I wish I would have paid attention. Because now I'd like to know about the cuttin' and sawin' and measurin' an' all (how's that for a sentence??). You should teach classes, Beckie!

  32. Your creativity never ceases to amaze…. I wish, wish, wish, I had an area where I could create a workspace…. I am able to "see" a new project in things more and more, but there just isn't a space available in this home. : ( And I love parking in my garage too much to dedicate my space to that. : (

    I LOVE this so much. God has really blessed you.

  33. What a FANtastic idea! I LOVE how it turned out! Such a clever way to keep your photos fresh & current! I bet kids artwork would look cute in there, too or even seasonal papers, etc. Now to be on the look-out for a junk armoire with paneled sides…except that I could really use an armoire for organization in my office first! Thanks for always sharing such inspiring ideas! Blessings!

  34. Angie Kerr says

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing. I would have NEVER thought to use that! I love the idea of the photo corners, too!

  35. Sarah Robbins says

    That turned out great! I just found a Roadkill Night Stand that is going to become a bookshelf like your TV console project! Can't wait for my baby to get here so I can paint again!

  36. Beth @ Free Stylin' says

    Oh my gosh you are a freakin' genius!! I've even mentioned it to my husband. LOVE this!!!

  37. I am really excited about this project and especially the discoery of glittery photo corners! Squeal!

  38. I'm so thankful that my girlfriend sent this to me. I have a serious problem with dumpster diving on the side of the road for random pieces. I am in the middle of fixing a curbed solid wood shelving system that is perfect for my craft room. Howwever, it had 4 different paints on it. I have sanded it down to the last coast of paint (puke green, what were they thinking). Can I just prime and paint it at this point, or do I need to go down to bare wood first? Thanks love the posts!

  39. That looks fabulous!! And for cheeeap 😉

  40. I love your blog. Here is a quick and free storage solution that I made. I took a large empty oatmeal container and cut a slit in the top. I am going to use this to store all the empty grocery bags I get from the store (when I forget to bring my reusable ones). This would be really cute Mod Podged with paper. I could even see a decorated one in a babies room to store all the grocery bags used for diapering. I'd submit a pic, but mine is not cute. It is for under the kitchen cabinet.

  41. That is such a great idea!! I would love something like that. I am slowly learning…via your helpful eye to look and examine things differently. Thanks for sharing!


  42. Oh my goodness! You have such an amazing talent! Be blessed!

  43. Amy {The Idea Room} says

    Another great Roadkill Rescue! Makes me want to play in the junk yard! 🙂 {Hmmm….Who would imagine that would have ever been something I would think about!} Truly amazing…again!

  44. wow, this is really impressive. I love your vision. I hope that you will link this to my Show and Share Sunday linky party, open all week.

  45. that was brilliant! I wish I could see things the way you do!

  46. Fantastic. That was such a great idea and it looks so neat.

  47. You are smart! great job! I am amazed at what you did. It look wonderful.

  48. Creative Escapes says

    I love it!

  49. I♥naptime w/ Chocolate Sundaes says

    LOVE it! This is such a cute idea!

  50. Hi Beckie. I just stumbled on to this and I'm glad I did. I am so impressed! You make it look easy. Great tutorial and photos too. Now you've got me eying up my old furniture wondering what I can turn it into 🙂

  51. Ohhhh, now I’m inspired to destroy an amouire of mine. (the bottom can be a nice flat screen tv stand- maybe we can actually buy the tv now) and the top, well, it might get legs and become some kind of chest of drawers. It really is ugly, and the bottom – built alot like yours – well, the top is so heavy that it sags in the middle, and the bottom drawers hang up.
    BTW, did you just spray paint over the varnish? or did you sand it some so it would stick?

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