Roadkill Rescued Photo Frame

I know some of you are going to die when I tell you I took apart a nice armoire for parts and pieces.   But it had a broken drawer inside and some major chipped off wood in one of the corners.   I really had no use for it as it was but I could not pass it up.   My friend found it curbside after a community yard sale.   It sat in her garage for months and her husband finally told her she had to get rid of it.   So then it sat in my garage for a while before I decided to take it apart.


I am loving the pulls on the drawers.   I actually just destroyed the top part of the armoire.   I still have the bottom part to be used at a later time for a small dresser or something like that.

IMG_1210 IMG_1211

So after busting this thing apart I used the side of the armoire to make a picture frame.



I needed to cover the raw edges because it was quite unsightly.


I purchased two different mouldings to cover the edges.


Using my $5 miter saw and box I cut the moulding to fit around my armoire frame.


I spread wood glue on each piece and then using my air nail gun I tacked one of the mouldings in place. Here is what it looks like after one of the mouldings is in place.


And here it is with both mouldings in place.


Then I filled all the nail holes and blemishes with wood filler.   I heart wood filler!

Then I spray primed and painted it with Krylon black spray paint.


I purchased these photo corners from Michaels.   They are the Martha Stewart glittered photo corners.


I slid my 5” x 7” pictures in place and then I hot glued the corners for extra hold.


I used screws and wire to create a hangar on the back and hung it on my wall.   I love how I can change out the pictures easily enough by removing them from the photo corners.


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