Roadkill Rescued Doll Crib

Today’s project started with a bright blue bench that was handed down to me by a friend.   I guess this isn’t true Roadkill Rescue…but Goodwill Rescue just sounded bad 😉   And it was free so that helps to qualify it, right?


I decided to make it into a doll bed.   I thought it would be perfect with the two drawers below to store doll clothes in.


I first cut down the legs with a circular saw…


With my chop saw I cut two 1 x 6’s to size for the sides and two 1 x 4’s for the front and back.


I predrilled my holes through the bench since it was made out of laminate and not real wood.


Then I screwed the cut wood pieces into the sides, front and back.


Can you see it yet?

I caulked around all the edges to give it a seamless look.   Then I spray primered and painted it with some Sweet Pea by Rustoleum.

Then I cut some foam I had around the house and hot glued some fabric I had around it and secured it in place.


Of course I had to change out the knobs with some pretty crystal ones.


Now it is the perfect crib for a little princess to rest her babies in.