Roadkill Rescued Chandie #2

Remember those chandies I snagged from my church’s remodel?   Well there are more left.   So what is next?

A pink trash can!

I shared with you on Monday how my church is going through a remodel and is getting rid off the old, dated chandeliers.   I saved a few of the chandelier arms and have been working my IC brain to figure out ways to repurpose them.

Click here if you missed my lighted end table for my husband’s office.


So far it has been the star of the show at the office.   Well there are more chandeliers to be repurposed.

Here is a reminder of what one of them looked like.


On the inside were 8 sockets for lights.


So after tugging, twisting, turning, clamping, and unscrewing I have everything taken apart and the all the lighting is removed.


I was left with a brassy carcass.     Nice use of words, don’t ya think?

In my studio I didn’t really have a garbage can.   So I hung a plastic bag from my pegboard.   Real classy, I know.


I thought this would be a fun garbage can, but not in its original brass finish.   How about PINK!!!


I lightly sanded all the brassiness with my 3M Sandblaster Pad and then wiped it down.


I sprayed it with Clean Metal Primer by Rustoleum.   After it was dry I sprayed it with some Watermelon spray paint by Krylon.





All I need to do is unscrew the 6 nuts on the top and pop off the bag.   Much cuter than a bag hanging from a pegboard don’t ya think?