Roadkill Rescued Chandie #1

Here is the new lighted end table for my husband’s office.   It it my latest Roadkill Rescued project. You will never guess what this originated from…

lighted end table

Our church is currently being remodeled to accommodate more people.   It is such an exciting time to be part of my church’s history.   Along with tearing out pews and adding new theatre seats they are upgrading their lighting, which means tearing down the dated chandeliers.

The chandeliers are HUUUGE!   They took them down and before they hauled them off to the dump I snagged a bunch of the arms.   ROADKILL RESCUE HERO IN AFFECT!

Here is what one of them looked like.IMG_1377

On the inside was 8 sockets for lights.


So after tugging, twisting, turning, clamping, and unscrewing I had everything taken apart.


I decided it would be fun to make two of the arms of the chandies some lighted end tables for my husband’s office.   See my husband is a pastor at the church.   It is kind of symbolic for him in a sense, since he is such an integral part of the growth and change happening right now.

I lightly sanded all the brassiness with my 3M Sandblaster Pad and then wiped it down.   I sprayed it with Clean Metal Primer by Rustoleum.   After it was dry I sprayed it with some Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic spray paint by Krylon.


I purchased a pine tabletop at Menards for $9.44.


In order to accommodate the threaded pipes I needed the tabletop to be drilled a bit so it would fit in place.


So I flipped it upside down and had my husband press it down so that it made an indention into the wood top.   Since pine is a soft wood it worked pretty well.


Then I marked the spots and used a drill press to drill down into the table top.   Then I placed the tabletop on top. Perfect fit!


I primed and painted the tabletop (Krylon’s Oil Rubbed Bronze) as well.

I wanted there to be a light still inside the table.   So I asked my licensed electrician friend to show me how to use the parts I had to created a light fixture inside with an attached cord (Thanks Nate!) After cutting some of the wire and removing the extra sockets.   It went from this…


to this…


I measured the bottom harness and cut a circle out of a piece of scrap wood to fit perfectly inside.


Then I drilled a hole in the middle of the wood circle and added the light fixture securing it at the bottom with a nut.


Then I set my light into the harness and added 3 fifteen watt bulbs.


Then I put the white plexiglass in place and the top of the fixture.


Then I dabbed some Gorilla Glue onto the thread pipes and then pressed the wood tabletop in place.   I weighted it down and let it dry.



And there it is…from church chandie to hub’s new end table.


And here it is plugged in…


Roadkill Rescue…success!

I have some more.   What else can I create with them?   I have two more projects up my sleeve but would love to hear what you think they could be.