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When I post a unique project I get asked a lot, “How on earth did you think of that?”WomanThinkingThe easy answer, “You do not want to enter this head of mine.”  But you’ve asked it.  So here is the long version.

I will say the more you exercise “thinking outside the box” the more you think outside the box.  1thinking_out_of_the_box_3 I have always been a creative person by nature. However, it wasn’t until recently that I truly created things. Just like many of you I could replicate something I would see online or in a magazine.  I still love to do that! But to actually think of something out of the air…now that is difficult.

So you find something random on the side of the curb. (Pssst, if you follow me on twitter or on facebook you have seen my random pick up this week). Now what?

1. Give yourself the freedom to fail.  If you get something for free there is no pressure to make it perfect.  You got it for free, remember?  Other than losing a little pride, and a tiny bit of time, you are not out a bunch of dough if it does not work out.

2. Take a chance.  Sure it might not work out.  But take a chance.  9 times out of 10 everything can be fixed, repainted, patched to refinished back to its original state.  I just read yesterday that my friend Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick painted her kitchen island green and hated it.  So besides losing time and a little sanity, all that was lost is a little paint.  No big deal! 

In the end she was happy with the results.  So try painting a piece of furniture a bright color.  If you hate it, paint it back.  But you won’t know if you like it unless you try it.

3.  Figure out your need.  When I find a piece of furniture curbside and I drag it home I usually ask myself what do I need in my house?  Do I need more storage, a place to set things, an ottoman, a dresser?

I was trying to figure out inexpensive wall decor while trying to keep the theme in my game room. I found myself lying awake one night when the idea of the Game Board Storage Art came to me.  At first it was fuzzy though.  I thought…”Okay I can frame old game boards.  Good idea.  But then what would I do with the game pieces?  I hate storing those things. I wonder if there was a way to store them on the wall as well.Hmmmm.”  Then it came to me.IMG_1213[3] IMG_1206_thumb







4.  Figure out your options. Before I made the hutch into a puppet theater/snack shop for my son it was a lot of things.  In my mind it was going to be a hanging shelf for some pictures in my bedroom.  Then I decided it was going to be a standing bookshelf in my daughter’s room.  Next it was going to house all of our art supplies in the playroom.  Ultimately, it turned into a puppet theater and my son is so happy it did.beforeafter 5.  Look at it from all angles. Take the piece in question and turn it on it’s side. Flip it upside down.  Turn it over.  Try to make a list of ten things “it could be.”  Kayla’s Pottery Barn Inspired bookshelf would have never been if I had not flipped the hutch upside down to see what it looked like from that perspective.

IMG_0339_thumb IMG_0368_thumb










I hope that helps a little bit. If not you just got a glimpse into the way I think. If I have inspired you to try something I would love to see pictures.  You inspire when you email me projects that you tackle because you gained a little confidence from reading my blog.

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