Roadkill Rescue: Vintage TV

If you follow me on facebook you already know I scored another Roadkill Rescue. I drove past this old TV sitting curbside.   I got out of my car, examined it and then decided against it.   I really don’t need anymore projects. Then I saw it the next day,”Hmmmm,” I thought.   But I drove right on by.   Then I saw it the next day, then the next and then the next.   Five days on a busy street in my city and NO ONE PICKED IT UP.   What is wrong with you Hoosiers???

The day before trash day my husband and I went at midnight and hauled it into my van.   I couldn’t let it be thrown away– I am a Roadkill Rescue Hero! 😉58381_149738695048239_108471495841626_319319_4013469_n You think I am crazy don’t you?   I know! I know…I am half mental!
So I went through my strategies for Roadkill Rescues and I decided to take a chance!

First step…get that darn TV out of the cabinet.

IMG_0750IMG_0751 IMG_0752 After the beast was out it was like 12,000 times lighter!   Then I started thinking through my options.   I could use a folding table in my laundry room.   I also thought about some more storage in the kid’s room.   Then my children decided it was an awesome place to play in.IMG_0759 But in the end that isn’t what it became.

So I had a vision in my mind and I needed to take some depth off the cabinet.   I thought and thought about how to cut it in half.   I decided to get a second opinion because I wasn’t feeling very confident.   I asked my friend Mike if he could help me think through it.   Being the sweetheart that he is he said “I can help you do it right now if you want.”   So with a circular saw and sawzall he cut it in half for me.

It was so fun watching it transform!





To help keep it stable we reattached the support beam from the cut piece onto the new back of the unit. We also unscrewed the feet and reattached them to the new back as well.



Since we cut off part of the foot I had to make a slight change in the front feet too by sawing a piece of it off.

IMG_0809IMG_0810 IMG_0811

Check out the final reveal here.