Roadkill Rescue: Rockers

Infarrantly Creative was on the prowl again scouring curbside and found something wonderful for my deck.

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I actually took a picture of the trash pile for you just so you would truly believe that I do find treasures in the trash. This was at my neighbor’s house (Hi Michelle!). There was an old hot water tank and a bumper, but I could not think of a good use for them so I left that. HAHA!


What I did take was two rockers that had been weathered by the elements and chewed up by a dog.


IMG_0409 As best as I could I filled in the chewed up arm with wood filler. Sanding in between coats I built up the wood filler to create a smooth surface. It isn’t perfect but it works for me.

I tried using spray primer but the wood just soaked it up so I had to hand paint it with primer. At a yard sale a few months back a painting contractor had a bunch of free gallons of paint to get rid of. So I grabbed some Exterior Porter Paint in a sage color. It was the perfect paint for this project.

The project technically was free but I wasted two cans of spray primer, so in essence it cost me $6.20. Boo! I still have the other one to tackle tomorrow but I got one to show you today.IMG_0465 When spring rolls around I think I am going to find some cushions for these. They will probably only be outside for a few weeks at most and then in our garage for the winter.

I know I have seen these rockers at Cracker Barrel for upwards of $100. So it was quite a curbside steal wouldn’t you say?

Speaking of Roadkill Rescue…just a reminder to keep an eye on the curbside so you can come join my party coming soon.