Roadkill Rescue Prize Pack

How are those Roadkill Rescue Projects coming?

I hope you are having a good time with it and I am chomping at the bit to see what ya’ll have come up with. Plus I can’t wait to show you my fabulous project.

For those of you who link up and post according to the guidelines you will get your name tossed in a hat (most likely a bowl) for a chance to win this exciting prize pack:

1. Handmade Fused Glass Ring from JoyBeadWorks

This handmade ring is sure to delight, it’s just chunky enough to MAKE an outfit. The ring is made of a durable sustainable exotic hardwood with a fused glass surface. You get to pick your design and your size. To see all she has to offer check out her etsy shop. You have to check out her cupcake ring…DROOL!! I ordered this one from her.

2. A Glass Tile Pendant Necklace from Amy at the Idea Room.

If you haven’t visited her site here’s your chance. She takes amazing pictures and gives step-by-step directions for all of her wonderful ideas. Here are my favorite tutorials of hers: Fabric Key Chain, Frozen Lemonade, and Personalized Hand Sanitizer.

3. Mixed Media Print from Chrissie Grace. You get to pick your favorite from her Etsy shop.

I have this one hanging in my studio to help me focus on what is most important and make sure I spend more time out of my studio with my family than in it creating.

But I am truly wanting these too..

Since Chrissie is so generous she is also giving away her one of her custom coloring books as well.

4. Fleur De Lis on Canvas from Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful I am pretty sure I could find about 12 places for this to hang in my house.

Plus her blog is UHHH-MAZING. Just look at her mantel. I love that she describes her decorating style as funky traditional. I am in love with those lamps. Gorgeous..peek around a while I am sure you will stay.

Worth linking up for? I think so! Have a great weekend I will see you Monday!