Gray Glazed Nightstand

Lookie what I found curbside.  She was is rough shape but solid wood.  I figured with a little paint and some molding it could be a beautiful piece in my home.





So she went under some major renovations!



After sanding the entire piece down with 60, 100, and 180 grit sandpaper I cut out a new top for her out of 1/4” luan plywood I had on hand already.


Using a little wood glue I glued the new top in place.


I added my nephew’s weights to the top to hold it in place while it was drying.


Now I needed to cover up the unsightly edge so I purchased some L-molding ( the only thing I purchased for the project)…


After it kicked my butt about 10 times I finally figured out how to miter cut it.   You have to actually put the L-molding onto a piece of scrap wood the way it would sit on the table and then cut it.   I just used a miter box and saw to cut it.


Using my air nail gun (big fat kiss to you luvie!) I tacked it in place…



I used wood filler to patch the nail holes and then sanded it smooth.



I decided to do a color wash treatment on this piece. What I love about a color wash is that it really helps give your project a depth of color that you can’t achieve with just one coat. First I painted my nightstand with Silver Sage (mixed into Behr Premium Plus Paint) from Restoration Hardware.


Now you don’t have to buy expensive glaze. I just got a small bottle for like a dollar with a coupon at Joann Fabrics.


I mixed two cups of glaze into empty, clean yogurt cups (according to package directions). One cup was mixed with the Silver Sage and the other one with black (I used Black Suede by Behr).


I first started out painting on the black glaze.


I quickly wiped it off in the direction of the wood grain with a dry paper towel. You can see how the black glaze gets into the crevices giving it a weathered look.


After I did that to the whole piece I went back and lightened it up in places with the gray glaze. Just a paint on, wipe off process until it looked perfectly imperfect. I love the two toned weathered look that this process gives.


Okay now moving onto the hardware. It is your lucky day, two tutorials in one post. 🙂 The drawer pulls were a yucky tarnished brass color to begin with.


After washing them with soap and water I used some Rub N’ Buff on them in Silver Leaf.

If you have never used Rub N’ Buff before it is a really great product to use on metals. Because it is made with a wax the colors don’t chip like paint sometimes will. I use it on old metal hardware all the time. I used a stiff bristle brush and painted it on. A little goes a long way. You will have a tiny tube for YEARS!


Let it dry and buff it with a soft cloth (aka paper towel)…


It turned it into an aged silver tone. The left one is before the Rub N’ Buff and the right one is after.


The aged silver goes perfectly with our new paint treatment doesn’t it!?!?



I know gray might not be your color choice but this was for my nephew’s room and it matched his TV Stand I did here. Can you imagine using this process with two shades of turquoise? Yum!