Roadkill Rescue: Carpet Road Mat

Do you remember this desk I got a week or so ago while I was running?

After further inspection I opened up the roll top and shoved inside was this carpet mat. It was a little grody but I spot-treated it and threw it in my friend’s front loading washing machine and it came out clean and spot-free.

Isaac’s PawPaw (great grandpa) made Isaac a train table for his second birthday. I primered it and painted it red. It had gotten scuffed up from the life of a two year old (now three year old). So I went with it and scuffed it up more and then rubbed brown craft paint into the scuff marks.

Using a box cutter/utility knife and a straight edge I cut the mat to fit the inside of the table.

Much better. The carpet piece protects the surface of the table and now Isaac has a place to “race” his cars.