Reupholstery Week Post 3

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Alright Amy and I have nasty, dirty hands by now from all the tugging and stapling and the paint rubbing off…but we are getting closer to done.

IMG_1571IMG_1544 When we got to the arms it got a little tricky.  We stapled down some single cording on the back of the curved arms so that it would give custom look.IMG_1545 Then we had to add curve-ease ply grip to the arms in order to fold the fabric over.  This curve-ease allows you to have a nice finished edge when there is no frame for you to staple your fabric around. To use curve-ease you staple it down next to the piping.


IMG_1547Next fold the teeth down but not all the way.  You want it opened enough to tuck your fabric in. 


Now grab your fabric and pull it taut and tuck it into the teeth.  Cut away the excess fabric.  Fold it over and pound it shut with a rubber mallet.IMG_4355Look at how nice it looks.  I am touching the curve ease under my finger so you can see what a nice edge it gives.  Curve—ease ROCKS!IMG_1591 Then I stapled single cording at the bottom of the chair even with the front edge of the chair. When I got to a leg I would make a cut in it so it would wrap around the leg nicely. IMG_1550  IMG_1551Here you can see it all stapled in place. IMG_1592 While Amy started on the cushions, I got my “glue on” with my hot glue gun and started gluing the double cording all around the chair covering the staples and giving it a nice finished look.


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