Reupholstery Week Post 1

I bought two of these chairs at a yard sale last summer thinking I could find someone, someday who would teach me to reupholster. 


Enter Amy from Design Intervention!

Amy and I met through blog world and connected immediately.  I about did a back flip when she mentioned she would be in my neck of the woods and would teach me to reupholster.  I love learning new things.  I will try anything once.

These chairs have such a cool shape to them.  I drove past the yard sale four times and stopped twice before I finally decided I had to have them.  I bargained but then still splurged and paid $75 total for the both of them.

Here’s some of the before pictures of them…

IMG_1497 IMG_1504 IMG_1502
I know many of you are probably thinking…”but they matched your room so well.”  Yes I know they did but they were really in crappy condition with brown marks and sun faded spots all over.…

So we are going to walk you through the process we went through this past weekend reupholstering these chairs.  No before and after pictures just yet.  You gotta enjoy the process with us.  Let’s begin shall we?
First you have to decide what fabric you want.  That is the tough part…hmmmmm….

I ended up getting my fabric from per Amy’s suggestion.  It was $7/yd and I found it in their clearance section.  They were great to work with and their prices beat any of my local fabric stores. (They did not pay me to say that or offer me any free product- that is my opinion).  I ended up going with a fabric called Traditions Black Natural Item #163726.

Traditions  premier prints fabrics
Ok now get in a really bad mood…think of laundry or long check out lines, car trouble or barfing children.  When you are all mad start destroying your chair using a flat head screw driver, pliers and sheer strength.  Make sure you lay a sheet down under your project.  There will be one beeeellion staples al over the floor if you don’t.  Pay close attention to how the fabric was attached and keep any pieces that you need for measuring and placement.


Take pictures of anything that you are afraid you might not be able to figure out how to put back together like this…

IMG_4336 IMG_4339 IMG_4339
Here she is in all her naked glory…