Reupholstery Week Part 5

Here’s the big reveal you have been waiting for all week!!!!

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Let’s look at some before pictures to be reminded of where she came from, shall we?IMG_4325IMG_4326IMG_4328IMG_4329New fabric, spray painted frame, no skirt… IMG_1561IMG_1565IMG_1569IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1568 What do you think?  Oh my word….LOVES…Triple heart LOVESLOVES! LOVES! LOVES!

Ok here is the questions I promised I would answer.

1.  How long did it take you?

It took us 8 hours for the first chair and 3 1/2 for the second chair.  Keep in mind there were two of us, one who has done this before.  You definitely need two people to do the tufting.  One person has to line the buttons up and feed it through the fabric while the other person pulls the strings and staples it off.

2.  How much did it cost?

Fabric: 11 yards at $7 yard from (Color: Traditions Black Natural)= $77 plus shipping $16 = $93

Chairs: $75 for both from a yard sale

Buttons: $5.20

Waxed Upholstery Thread to tie buttons: $2

Spray Paint $3.50

Cording: $6 (with plenty leftover)

Zippers: $4

Curve Ease: $1.50

Thread: $3

TOTAL: $194 or about $100 a chair

Which is a great price considering…

Chelsea Wing Back Chair from Williams Sonoma Home for $1250.

WSchelsea.jgp or Pier 1 Imports Sigourney Wing Chair from Pier 1 for $449.98

Pier1Sigorney I think I got a good deal 🙂

3.  Is it hard to do?

No once you get the basics down it is not hard.  My advice is if you find a chair in dire straits for free or cheap then what do you have to lose?  Just go for it. You do have to know how to sew.  Do not tackle this if you don’t know a thing about sewing unless you have a friend who can tackle the cushions for you.  Just make sure you take everything off and then put it back together in the opposite order.

4.  Would you tackle it by yourself?

I am already looking for my next project.  I may start with something a tad easier but we will see.  I have the confidence now to try it on my own.  But I would need another set of hands for the tufting and buttons.

5.  Where did you purchase everything?


Spray Paint: Menards

Buttons, Thread, Zippers, Cording — Joann Fabrics

Curve Ease — an upholstery shop but you can get it online doing a search as well.

6.  Are you aware that the fabric on the table in between your chairs doesn’t work well with the fabric on the chairs?

Yes, thankyouverymuch.  I’s gots plans, dontcha worry.

7.  How did you know how much fabric to buy? has a great resource right here.  I had 6 inches of fabric left over.  Phew!  Just enough. 

8.  Is it not necessary to change out the padding and stuffing in a chair? 

It is up to you.  Obviously if it is worn and gross…then change it.  The lady told me that these chairs sat in a sun room and that is why they got sun damaged but no one ever sat in them.  When we opened it up we could attest to that.  So it was not necessary to replace the cushions, padding or stuffing.


Well thank you for joining Amy this I this week.  Click over to her place and become a follower, you don’t want to miss this girl’s creativity.  If you are interested in more reupholstery tutorials she will be doing another reupholstery week with you in a week or so on her blog.  IMG_4367