Reupholstered Love Seat

This week’s challenge on the CSI Project is Yard Sale/Tag Sale Makeovers.Visit I completely and utterly adore my wingback chairs that Amy from Design Intervention helped me reupholster.  I have been a chicken to take the plunge and upholster something by myself yet.  I felt so confident with Amy by my side.  But then I wimped out.  I even bought a beginner’s love seat and it sat in my garage for months because I was sceeeered!  Amy kept cheering me on so I finally decided to just go for it.  What is the worst that could happen?

I found this hideous couch for $25 at a tag sale. 

photo(14) It was built in the 20’s  Can I just say that I hope this was the only fabric on the face of the earth back then because this stuff is awful — in color and texture. No wonder why the couch was in such great condition.  No one probably sat on it because it was so itchy and scratchy.  It was a loose woven polyester that was BRUTAL to I just fell in love with how small it was and that it folded out into a hide-a-bed twin.  I thought this would be the perfect addition in my master bedroom.  We get brutal Midwest storms that wake my son up and he ends up freaked out and in our room.  Instead of letting him hop in our bed and kick me to death the whole night we could have him curl up on this knowing mommy and daddy are Plus the couch is on wheels so we can wheel it around the upstairs to bring it to another room if need be.

After working at it on and off for a few days she finally had all the old fabric removed.IMG_0244

I have been looking for a while for some fabric to recover her in. I almost spent $100 (on sale!) for some Waverly fabric that matched my pillows that were currently in the room.  Luckily, they did not have enough of it in stock.  During Joann Fabrics 50% off Red Tag Clearance sale I found some that was $3 a yard.  Total $24!  I wasn’t in love with it but for that price I was very happy.IMG_0273

So with fear, trepidation and my air stapler in my hand I began…

One piece on…”Wow that wasn’t so bad”…IMG_0246

The front back was a bit challenging.  The other fabric was sewn together and then put in place and stapled.  I wanted as little sewing as possible so I cheated a bit and made a fold instead of sewing it.  I think it looks pieces on…”Ok I think I can do this, just keep pushing forward Beckie.”IMG_0247 The scary arms were up next…”Bang…IMG_0248

and Bang, I am on a roll–keep going girl you are getting the hang of it!”IMG_0249Now the back was next.  I had to use tack strip, which I had only ever watched a video tutorial on.  It was a little challenging but I think it will get easier each time.  Here is a great tutorial on how to put fabric on the back of furniture if you are interested.IMG_0253 IMG_0267 Then I had the front of the arms to do.  This is was a trial and error process.  I ended up adding cording before I put the inserts on and I am so happy I did.  It gives it a more finished look.IMG_0268

IMG_0269 The last part was the cushion.  This is my sixth cushion I have done in my lifetime.  This, by far, turned out better than the previous 5 but I still HATE doing cushions.  They are tricky tricky and take forever pinning and sewing.

But she is all done and I am so freaking proud of myself I can barely contain my excitement. I DID IT!!!  Hip, Hip, Hooray! Gimme a huge pat on my back!  I am sorry for my prideful display but this was a monstrous undertaking for me.IMG_0275 IMG_0276 IMG_0277 IMG_0278 She needs pillows and a little side table.  All in due time.  For now I just want to stare at her and admire my handiwork.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show off a bit.  🙂

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