Removable, Zippered, Velcroed Pouch

When Isaac was born my good friend Leigh Anne from college sent me a Boat & Tote bag from Lands End with his name embroidered on it. When I received it I was thinking, “What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Do I put it in his room for decoration? It is a diaper bag?”

Hmmmmm….well it BECAME MY FAVORITE BAG EVER! Isaac uses it all the time. It is super durable and the ideal size. It is the bag I send with him to church or a friend’s house with his lunch, a change of clothes and a sippy cup in it. The childcare workers always know which bag is his because it is personalized with his name.

So when Kayla was born and Leigh Anne asked what I wanted I begged for a Boat and Tote bag for Kayla. Being the terrific friend she is she obliged.

My only complaint I have about this bag is that is has no pockets in it. I AM A POCKET GIRL! I send this bag to church with Kayla and all the little things fall to the bottom (baby Tylenol, plastic bag holder, emergency information card, hand sanitizer, Dr. Boudreaux’s butt paste).

So I sewed up a small 7″ x 9″ zippered and lined bag (I just winged it but if you want a tutorial let me know and I will do one). Recognize that fabric?

Before I sewed it all up I ironed some velcro on the back.

Then I took the other piece of velcro (the rough hook part) and used some E-6000 glue (STRONG STUFF!) and glued that piece on the interior of the bag.

And now I have a zippered pouch perfect for those baby essentials. The Boat & Tote bag is not machine washable. So now I can just remove the pouch and wash it and then velcro it back in place.

Now the bag is perfect!

You can do this with any bag you have. You don’t have to make your own pouch like I did. You can simply use any cosmetic bag or cloth bag you have hanging around and add velcro.

And lookie what arrived at my house today…

the makings for a backyard deck! We have a friend from church who is going to lay the foundation (trusses, joists, cement work) and then Tim and my father-in-love are going to put down the decking and the railing. In two weeks I will have a 16′ x 26′ deck!