Ransom Note Sweatshirt

Well I haven’t done a sewing project in a while so I was excited to dust off my machine and do a simple one for you today.  I call it my Ransom Note Sweatshirt. Here in the Midwest we are in that in-between summer and fall weather.  When we wake up we need a light jacket and by noon you are sweating.  So we end up dressing in layers around here.  So this sweatshirt is perfect for my son on his way to school to keep warm for those first few hours.  Now I can’t take credit for this idea. My cousin Karen had made a little sweatshirt as a baby shower gift for a family member.

personalized sweatshirt

Who doesn’t love something with their name on it?  This would make a great gift for anyone…I even made one for myself. This project is simple and takes less than an hour to complete plus it uses recycled t-shirts. LOVES!


Old t-shirts with words on it

sewing machine

coordinating  thread

Wonder Under



ironing board

1.  Before you give all those old t-shirts to Goodwill grab out some of the ones that have wording on it.

pile of t-shirts (1)

2.  Decide what you want the back of your shirt to say.  I used both my first and last names on the ones I did.  Start cutting out the letters and laying them out to see how they look.


3.  Using different fonts, sizes and colors line up your letters to your liking until you have all the letters cut out for your word or name.

tshirt letters

4.  Cut out small rectangles of Wonder Under and iron it (textured side touching the t-shirt letter) onto the back of your letters.  Slowly peel off the backing.DSC_0152


5.  Arrange the letters onto the back of a sweatshirt (face up) and put a press cloth over them and then iron over the press cloth.  This will heat up the Wonder Under and allow the letters to temporarily stick while you sew around them.

custom sweatshirts hoodie

6.  Using coordinating or contrasting thread (your choice!) sew around each letter.

custom t-shirt sweatshirt

This is a fun birthday or baby shower gift too.  How about a ransom note onesie?

custom sweatshirt hoodie

custom personalized hoodie


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