Project #8 and #9 Two Mini Projects

I decided to spend the majority of my day in my studio organizing. I vacuumed, got all the dust out of the corners, emptied my entire bookshelf and reorganized it, cleaned up the closets, organized fabric, cleared off my desk. WOWSERS…can we say nesting!? I know you think my projects are nesting but that really isn’t nesting for me. I would do any of those projects any ole day of the week. But when I get organizing, vacuuming, and cleaning drawers THAT MY FRIENDS is NESTING for this girl!

Unfortunately, my studio often becomes the junk room. When people come over and we need to “clean” we throw things in that room to “deal with later.” Well you know how that turns out. So about weekly I have to go through it and clean it all up so it is functional again. But today I did a complete overhaul. It looks so wonderful right now, hopefully I have this baby before it gets to be a wreck so I don’t have to NEST in there again.

But I did manage a few mini projects today. First I did a 5-minute coffee cup tissue holder for my car. You can find the tutorial here. I used a small cup from Starbucks which my Starbucks-snob husband politely informed me was called a “tall.” That doesn’t make sense to me…a small cup called a tall huh? Anyway… It was so easy and it will be nice to store in my cup holder in my car since I always seem to run out of kleenex in my purse. Plus it will be easier to grab while driving. I wanted to embellish the cup or decoupage it or something but I went simple today.

Second project was Kayla’s diapey wipe case for my diaper bag. You can see my tutorial for it right here. I used the same fabric that I used on the car seat tent since I had some leftover fabric and it turned out perfect.


  1. Where in the world do you find these things?! The cup holder, not the wipe holder.

    Oh, and in all your spare nesting time, can you re-check the clip tutorial links? Neither of them will come up for me.

  2. OOOOO…..That Kleenex holder is a good idea!

    Cute wipettes holder too. I could use one for my purse. LOL

  3. We must be on the same wave length right now! Check out my last post when you get a chance. My craft room is also our guest room/dumping ground. I just transformed an old spice rack that I picked up for a dollar and painted it black last night. I’ll be posting it soon. And I do the same thing with my spools of ribbon…pants hanger. (I actually have a similar picture in my “to post” file at the moment) However, b/c I’ve accumulated so many, I’m revamping my storage with my whole room re-do. By the way, your daughter’s room is adorable! LOVE IT!


  1. […] Never look for napkins in the car again when you use a Starbucks cup to make a mobile tissue holder! […]

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