Project #20 Hang Moulding on Cabinets

Are you kidding me? No, I have not done a new project.

I sat on my butt holding my new baby girl watching my mother-in-love clean my kitchen floor, bathrooms, do my laundry and clean my kitchen while my father-in-love was busy hanging moulding on the top and bottom of my kitchen cabinets and doing another project I will feature tomorrow. All the while still letting Isaac be the center of attention. They are amazing! It was heavenly. Although it was hard to sit there and do nothing I thoroughly enjoyed resting and loving on Kayla.

They left yesterday and so last night was my first solo night with Kayla. It wasn’t so bad. She was a pistol until 12:15 then slept until 2:15 when I fed her. Then she woke up again in the 4 range and I got her to go back to sleep again and then woke up at 6 to feed, back to sleep, woke up at 9 with a cold (big brother shared it with her) and had a little difficulty feeding and we had to suction her nose a bit. Then slept until 12:30 when I woke her to feed. Now that you know my schedule back to the project…

I have been wanting to take the plunge on painting the oak nasties in my kitchen since December 15, 2007 (the day we moved in). However, the enormity of the job kept me away until now.


Ok well maybe not today or tomorrow but soon…I am going to paint my kitchen cabinets. I can’t look at them a month longer. I am not sure what color and all that yet. I keep rolling ideas around in my head. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. But I definitely wanted to start the project by adding a little molding so they don’t look so much like the “I-am-the-cheapest-cabinets-you-can-buy look.” I am hoping once caulked, primered and painted I will have achieved that look a little.

P.S. Don’t you love my black dishwasher, stainless steel microwave and white stove? Yah, those were in the house when we moved in too. Fabulous. Those will be changed when the budget allows also.