Project #15 Decoupaged Balls

I have been searching for months for something to put in that handmade cloche I made a while back. I haven’t been able to find anything that “speaks to me.” But I hate that she lies on the dresser empty. So I decided to do something about it. I went to Joann’s to buy some Styrofoam balls. Dang I never realized how expensive they were! For 9 little tiny ones they were close to $5. I needed at least two packages. I thought that was a bit steep. Then I got a brilliant (in my humble opinion) idea. They had some nasty 70 piece plastic ornament set on clearance for $1.69. It was originally $19.99. I want to know who actually paid that???

So I bought them and brought them home and then used an exacto knife to cut off the ornament holder. Since I was covering the whole thing in tissue paper I didn’t worry about the hole I created because it would be covered up. YES I AM CHEAP! If you have read my blog for ANY length of time you would know that already.

Next step is to gather tissue paper and rip it up. I have a box full of all different patterned tissue paper. I suppose you could use scrapbook paper too. I just like the flexibility and weight of tissue paper for this project. It is easy to sculpt around the balls. So I took a paintbrush and started painting on the tissue paper covering both the front and back with Modge Podge. Then with my finger I would press it down and get as many creases out as possible. Yes this is messy.

Generally, I am a matte Modge Podge girl. But I had to go glossy on these. It gave it a beautiful glassy sheen. I love them. They take a long time to make since you have to do half the ball, wait for it to dry, and then do the other half. I just worked on them throughout the day while doing other things.

I have several more small ones I need to do to fill the cloche but I think it will work and look nice on the dresser. It is better than empty right?