Project #10 Shelf Refab

I got this shelf free off Craigslist a few weeks back. I thought it would be perfect to store my spooled ribbon on and other sewing paraphernalia. The only thing was the paint job on it was horrific. It was all chipped, not my colors at all, and overall ugly. But I am not afraid of ugly.

So I painted it the Green Apple color from Rustoleum’s American Accent line and then decoupaged the front of the drawers similar to the desk I did in the summer that is also in the room. I then changed out the knobs to the old knobs from Kayla’s dresser. (I ended up putting crystal knobs on her dresser instead…way cuter).

I am sorry I am such a terrible photographer. The colors look a little funky and muted in the pictures. There’s all my spools of ribbon wound on old clothespins. I got that idea from Nicole Heady. I then stored them in Mason Jars by color. The bottom shelf just has random glass jars with pebbles, pins and other ephemera in them. I am sure I will add more things but for now it works. Fuctional and cute and it created more room in my studio closet for some more craft supplies…gotta love that.

But wait…there’s more ribbon. I store the rest of the ribbon I own in the closet on an old pants hangar that we never use. It works better for me that the big spools are kept this way.