Product Review: Bissell Steam Mop

With all the new flooring we now have in our house I have been wanting to try an alternative way to clean it.  I have tried plenty of things and just ended up with this…

prod_41785-02525 It was a removable microfiber cloth mop. It worked fine.  But I always ended up going around all the corners on my hands and knees because it never quite got the them clean.

At a New Year’s Eve party my friend Amy mentioned that she got a Bissell Steam Mop as a door buster the day after Thanksgiving and loved it.  Amy and I have often traded gadgets to try out and I respect her opinion so I had to try it.


I was so intrigued.  I guess my head had been in the sand but I had never heard of one before.  However, I love anything gadgety and will try anything that has the remote possibility of making cleaning quicker and easier for me.  So I asked her if I could borrow it.  I tried it on my linoleum and loved it.  I went over and did my mom’s hardwoods and tile and she loved it. 

So when Bissell agreed to send me their Steam Mop Deluxe for free to try out on my new floors I about did a back flip!

So basically you add water (distilled is best) or the Eucalyptus Mint water that comes with the machine.  Then plug it in and wait for the orange light to come on.  Then you push a trigger and steam comes out.  The thing I love most about the steam mop is that is USES NO CHEMICALS.  With having small children this was a huge factor for me.

I was concerned that it would not clean the corners well since I have not found a mop product that does.  But it worked wonders.  Since it has a swivel head it gets in those corners well.  No more touching up the corners on my hands and knees. Also where the seams are on the removable pad it bunches together and sticks out further than the mop itself so that helps gets in tight spaces.

Also the swivel head helped me to make sure I stayed with the grain of the laminate.  You want to stay with the grain so that no streaking is shown.  You just push it left to right instead of back and forth to continue cleaning with the grain.

I LOVES IT!  Plus it has a neat attachment that you can run over your carpet and refresh it.  I was a tad skeptical about the “carpet refreshing” idea but it really did help raise the fibers.  Plus I used the Eucalyptus Mint water that it came with and gave the carpets a fresh scent.

Con:  The cord is a little short.  I do have a lot of flooring, but I wish it were like 10 feet longer so I didn’t have to unplug it and replug it in.  Also there is a warning when using it on hardwood floors, it could dull the finish.  My mom did notice this although she did not mind because it got her floors clean and she isn’t into the shine anyway.  It retails for $119.99, which is a little steep.  Had Bissell not sent me one I was planning on using Christmas money to purchase it because I liked it so well. 

I have passed it on for the weekend for another friend to use.  My mom is planning on buying one and I am pretty sure my other friend will buy one after trying it this weekend.  She is using it on bamboo floors.  So check it out and for you locals if you want to try mine let me know.