Price My Space Party

Today I am participating in the Nester’s

I have never really added up how much it has cost over the years to furnish our family room. I thought it would be kind of fun to do and probably eye opening at just how much I have spent. I am sure glad I didn’t have to spend it all it one shot. If you want to here how my family room came to be, click here. Ok go, go gadget math:

1. Tim’s papa chair – We got it at a place called Furniture World in Vancouver, Washington. We have had it for 4 years and it is leather. It is still in perfect condition and HE LOVES IT = $430

2. I have two of those end tables that were in my house as a child that were passed down to me. I have since painted them black. Cost of supplies probably $5. I also got two of those funky red lamps on clearance at Target for $40 total.

3. My Ballard Designs Acanthus Cut-Out rip off and the molding with two canvases plus the fabric cost $54 ($25 for the two canvases, $15 for the molding, $10 for the fabric, $4 for the wood for the cut-out.

4. The couch we got at this place in Vancouver, WA called Stupid Prices. They get the closeouts from Costco. We got the leather sofa and love seat for $600. It has held up fairly well and I am still glad we made the purchase. All the pillows were bought at Burlington Coat Factory and they were the inspiration for the room colors. I have 4 of them and I paid $60.

We are at $1184 so far.

5. The secretary desk was given to us by Tim’s grandparents. I switched out the knobs and painted it black for $12. My lamp refabulous was $16. Photo frame was $3. The rest was given to me.

6. I got the scrolly wrought iron piece from Hobby Lobby. I think it was like $8 and the art was $20 which was just the tax on them since they were free.

7. The snuggler chair I got from a friend for $75. The Pottery Barn throw was a Christmas gift and the bluey colored pillow I made (I have three of them total) for $25.

Now we are at: $1184 + $159 = $1343

8. The topiaries were $7.50 each on clearance at Target after Christmas. The mantle molding I added was $20 from Home Depot. The clock was handmade by Tim’s grandpa. The flatscreen plasma TV was $1400 from Sam’s Club.

Now we just added a chunk of change: $1343 + $1435 = $2778

9. I got the ottoman as a birthday gift so I won’t add it in but it was from Target for $49.

10. This was the first art piece my hubby and I made 4 years ago for our house. It cost $18 in supplies.

Total so far: $2778 + $18 = $2796

11. The chairs were given to me by Shannon. The two black pillows cost me $22.

12. The lamp was $8 ($3 shade from Old Time Pottery and $5 lamp at a yard sale).

13. The table was from IKEA. I think it was $15. The little fluer de lis was $3 at Christmas Tree Shops.

14. I got three red tie-up shades on clearance for $45 at Target 4 years ago. I also bought 3 pull down shades for $35.

Total now: $2796 + $128 = $2924

Lastly I got the sofa table for $15 at a yard sale and then painted it black with $6 paint = $21. I got the vase on clearance at Joann Fabrics for $6 and added $1 wood flowers from the dollar store. Bookends $5 from Craiglist. Wicker Basket below Walgreens $5. I got the bowl from IKEA for $2 and the painted balls for free from my cousin.

Total: $2924 + $40 = $2964

So it cost me less than $3000 to furnish this room and that includes a $1400 flatscreen. I feel pretty good about that. How did you do?