Power Tools: 1-5

I have been asked a few times about all the tools and craft accessories I have and where people should spend their money if they were to purchase some of these items. Since the sunshine and family in town is luring me away from projects I thought I would use this time to do a short series on tools and accessories.

Today I am going to focus on remodeling and refab tools. These are the tools that I adore. The following list is in the order of importance to me as well.

1. Palm Sander – I have an obsession with sanding. I love distressing furniture and I even enjoy prepping a surface for paint or stain. I know this is people’s most dreaded part of a project but I think it is rather satisfying to see a piece of wood all sanded and ready to be beautified. If I were starting from scratch I would buy a palm sander like this…
I am not brand specific. However, I prefer the kind where you can use regular sheet sandpaper torn in fourths to secure onto the sander. Many other sanders require you to buy their sandpaper in order to fit it on the machine. That gets expensive in the long run. You can get something like this under $30. They are easy to use and as long as you go with the grain of the wood it is pretty difficult to screw up a project. Then go invest in 60, 100, 120-180, 220 and 400 grit sandpaper to have on hand. I use my sander more than any other power tool I own.

2. Air compressor – In and of itself it is pretty pointless. But with an air compressor there are so many options of power tools at your disposal. If I were going to buy a new one I would just get a small tank (under $100) that can handle up to about 120PSI’s. A small tank would work with the small nailing jobs I do, my paint sprayer (which I run at 40 PSI’s) and a staple gun (which is my next purchase). There are also some compressors on wheels which is a nice feature because mine is HEAVY!

3. Paint Sprayer – I don’t know a lot about all the different types of sprayers out there. But I love my Low Volume, Low Pressure sprayer from Harbor Freight that hooks up to my air compressor. It is perfect for small jobs like furniture and it is only $17. It makes painting SO MUCH quicker and the finish is so smooth.

4. Air Nail Gun -This also connects to an air compressor. It is great for hanging molding and other small wood projects and repairs. Many of them also have the ability to do staples. I wish mine did that. One second thought, maybe mine does do that. I need to check on that. I would just get one that does finishing nails unless you are planning on redoing your roof 😉

5. Cordless Drill – You can definitely purchase a corded drill but I ♥ my battery operated Ryobi one. I got it on clearance at Home Depot for $30. It is just so wonderful to not have a cord attached and to be able to bring it everywhere. I also recommend a decent drill bit set and a few screwdriver bits.

Those are my top 5 power tools. I couldn’t do my projects without them. I will post the other 5 tomorrow. What power tools can you not live without?