Pottery Barn Turner Toy Chest

I have had this oak chest for 12 years.   It was a precious gift made by my father-in-law before Tim and I were wed.   I remember when he gave this to me thinking, “Oh my gosh, they like me, I am like part of the family if I am getting a handmade piece of furniture from him.”

I have loved it all these years.   During our lean days it served as a coffee table.   It has been at the end of our bed housing blankets.   It has been a dresser keeping my sweaters in.   It has also made ten moves with us!   She’s been good to me.   Plus she was the only new piece of furniture we owned in our house for the first 7 years.


My tastes have changed and it has sat in a (GASP!) closet hidden away.   Sorry dad! I hated that and wanted to find a place to fit it in my decor.   Then I saw this in one of of the Pottery Barn Kids catalogs.

Turner Toy Chest, Sun Valley Honey We could ALWAYS use more storage space for the toys around here.   So I removed the top and cut 1” x 2” boards to size.   DSC05866 I didn’t bother to miter them I just butt them up to each other and let them overhang.   Then I added a little wood glue and nailed them in place.DSC05867 DSC05868DSC05870 The edge was a little harsh so taking my Dremel my good friend (Thanks Ted!) routed the edges with a curved bit.   Did you know you can route with a Dremel?   Me neither…loves my Dremel!DSC05872I patched up the nail holes with some wood filler and then mixed some paint I had around the house to make a rusty red color to pick up on the fabric in the hutch.

Click on the picture below to read more about that transformation. IMG_1537

And here is the final result…DSC05904 The routing of the edges really softened the edge and made the piece.
DSC05905Here it is within the context of my gameroom.   My custom color I created was almost a perfect match.   The $4 in 1”x2”’s were well worth it to keep this loved piece in my decor.   I would like to add the word “toys” in vinyl lettering to the front of it sometime soon.

DSC05908PB Toy Chest:
Turner Toy Chest, Sun Valley Honey IC Toy Chest:DSC05904

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