Painting Vertical Stripes

I was in a decorating dilemma.

Number 1: What color do I paint the walls in my playroom when everything in the room is primary colors? Red? No, Dark Blue? Uh-uh, Green? Too Much, Yellow? Scary.

Number 2: This is the first room you see when you walk in the house, how do I make it look cute and not like “Oh that’s where they keep all Isaac’s toys”?

I painted cream and yellow stripes on the wall. Yes it was quite the undertaking but well worth it for a room I have to stare at every day, and a room that people first see when they walk through the door. And I must say, I think it is my favorite room in the whole house! The yellow and cream stripes on the wall look so bright and cheery when the sun shines through the windows. The pictures suck…remind me to fire my photographer. The pictures don’t do it justice but o-well.

Before – ugly

After – fantabulous

Above the chairs in the picture below I am going to copy this. Probably next month when a new budget month comes and I have money again. 🙂 Those are the pillows that I am going to re-cover in the same fabric as the valances.

Between the two windows I am going to put a TV armoire after I paint it in blue. The armoire style doesn’t really go with the decor but it definitely “goes” with the budget. So it will do for the time.

I still have a lot more accessorizing to do. But I am on my way to fabulous!

FYI: Yellow: Behr Paint Color: Gold Buttercup Finish: Eggshell
Cream: Behr Paint Color: Golden Ivory Invitation Finish: Eggshell
Fabric for Tie-Up Shades bought at Joann Fabrics in the Home Decor 54″ fabric
Collection: Seaside Caribbean #7563018