Ping Pong Table Skirt

Are you enjoying a sneak peek into my game room and watching all the details come together?  I am excited to make this space usable and beautiful.  It is coming together nicely.  I decided to do one more dropcloth project and cover the ping pong table legs.  They were very ugly plus there is 26.6 square feet of storage under there.  Yes I did the math, thankyouverymuch.  I am thinking of all sorts of junk I can store under there.

I had to add black ribbon ties because of the location of the net.  It added a little flair and closed up the opening between the two pieces of fabric.  I was able to use one dropcloth and have plenty leftover for future projects.

Is all this monochrome killing you like it is killing me?  Khaki, khaki everywhere.  UGHHHHH I am sinking in an abyss of beige…

I promise to bring you color tomorrow my friends.