Pillowcase Romper

Last week I showed you the cinch drawstring bag and Kayla was wearing an adorable little matching romper.  Well I thought I would show you how we (my cousin and I) made it.  Ok so this isn’t technically a pillowcase.  I know, I know.  But with vintage sheets on the brain the fabric is the same size as a pillowcase.  I am thinking some vintage sheets would make an adorable romper.  Although I used regular fabric, the process is just the same.  I love this for my daughter because it is very comfortable, breathable and it covers her panties! (Anyone else have a problem with their daughter’s keeping their dress down?  Anyone? Anyone?)

Pillow Case Romper Tutorial


Pillowcase or 1 yard of fabric (I used Riley Blake’s Verona Main Rouge)

2” x 36” piece of coordinating fabric for tie (I used Riley Blake’s Verona Dots Gray)


Sewing machine/coordinating thread


1.  Measure your child’s collarbone to the knee and add 2” for total length.  For a 3T I did 25” x 19”.  Cut out two pieces to that size.  Next angle the cut so it doesn’t look so boxy.

2.  Next cut out armholes.  Measure down 6 1/2” from the top and make a mark on the side of your fabric and then go in 2” from the side at the top. Fold both of your fabrics in half to cut the holes symmetrical.  Cut out armhole.

3.  Hem armhole by folding fabric down 1/4” and then again another 1/4”.  Press and sew.  Do that with the back piece as well.

Pillow Case Romper Tutorial

4.  Now press the top under 1/4” and then down 1” and sew. Repeat for the back fabric too.


5.  Line up both front and back (right sides together) and sew sides.


6.  Next measure the thigh of your child and then subtract 1”.  Cut the elastic to that length.

7.  Press the bottom of the legs under 1/4” and then under again 1/4” sew.


8. Next tack the elastic onto each side of the leg hole just above the sewn edge.  Find the middle of the leg hole and the middle of the elastic and mark that so that you keep the elastic evenly spaced.  Next sew and stretch the elastic as you go.  Repeat with the other leg hole.



9.  With right sides together sew the front and back together at the crotch.  Cut notches in it so it will curve well.


10.  Make a casing out of a 2” x 36” piece of coordinating fabric.  Using a safety pin thread it through the front and back of the romper.  Tie a bow at the shoulder.

Pillow Case Romper Tutorial

Pillow Case Romper Tutorial

Make your child pose and snap a hundred pictures…

Pillow Case Romper Tutorial

Pillow Case Romper Tutorial

Make one more romper for good measure.  Take 100 more pictures.  Watch the cute little model break down.


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