Personalized Hershey Kiss

I kind of have an addiction to chocolate.   My sweet tooth is raging.   As much as I would like to down all whole Hershey’s bar a day I try to limit myself to a couple of Hershey kisses a day to satisfy my sweet tooth.   In addition to my Countdown to Kisses and my Kiss me I’m Irish board I thought I would create a little St. Patrick’s Day Hershey kiss box.   It is the perfect little something to let someone know you were thinking about them and the perfect size for just one Hershey kiss.

kiss me i'm irish box

I created a print and cut file in the Silhouette studio program along with a petal box around the design. Click here to download the free Silhouette file of this project.



I couldn’t decide which clover/Shamrock I liked better so I chose four different designs.   Does anyone know the difference between a Shamrock and a Clover? Next I chopped off the left petal of four of the cut outs.


Then I glued one of top of the other.

Backside viewIMG_2191

Front view


Then I glued that last petal (on the right) to the first cutout.


Then you just tuck the flaps closed.



Using the kisses file from the “Kiss Me I’m Irish Board” I printed and cut out small kiss circles and adhered them to the Hershey Kiss bottom with a Glue Dot.IMG_2199

I dropped the kiss inside the box…


and tucked the flaps in and wrapped a 3/8” green satin ribbon around it and tied and bow on the top.

kiss me i'm irish box

Super cute! Besides my addiction to chocolate did I tell you I also have an addiction to miniature things?   Yep this definitely falls into that category.   So sweet!