Parade of Homes–Welcome to My House

Welcome to my home tour.   I hope you enjoying perusing through my home.   I am excited to be part of the Parade of Homes from Poppies at Play today! I am Number 13 but you can see all the participants here.


Welcome to the IC house.   I am so glad you stopped by.   I love going on home tours.   I have been to the Parade of Homes and similar tours and I love looking at how amazing designers and decorators create a space and bring about ambience.   But my house isn’t like that.   No designer lives here and no professional has decorated my space.   I truly believe that the beauty of a house is in the people who live there. So this isn’t going to be your typical home tour.

The ambience I hope my home conveys is this…a place of warmth, of love, of hope.   A place where you feel comfortable and adored, cherished and special.   Because that is what my home means to me.

“Hi I am Isaac and I am 4 years and 11 months old.   I have never had a bad day, I am super outgoing, have a tender heart, and love people. The best part about my house is that I get to share it with others.   My motto is, I don’t want to be home unless there are a ton of people in it.

Farrant Family Fall 2010 IMA_83

Here is the hub of our house…our family room.   This is where my family has movie nights, wrestles, has dance parties and plays hide and seek.   We also build some pretty amazing forts.   But ideally…this is what mommy would love it to look like all the time…”






“I am Kayla and I just turned two years old in January. I am shy and independent and love to be cuddled.   I prefer to hang out with just one friend and get a little nervous when there are a lot of people around.   The best part about my house is when I sit on my daddy’s lap (with my blankie!) and watch Mickey Mouse or rock with my mommy before I go to sleep…

Farrant Family Fall 2010 IMA_34

Here is the room that my mommy decorated just for me.






“I am Mr. IC…a.k.a Tim.   And even though sometimes it is overwhelming when there are multiple remodeling projects going on in our house at once, I love the way that Beckie has completely transformed our house through her creative eye and commitment to excellence.   The best part about our house is it is my place to relax, laugh and enjoy time with our family.”

Farrant Family Fall 2010 IMA_58

Here is our master bedroom…yep with a treadmill in it.   My wife says it throws off the ambience but I insist it stay in front of the TV.   So it was my contribution to the décor.   Nice touch, wouldn’t you say?”





“I am Beckie, tone setter of my home.   I am opinionated and outgoing and love to be around people.   I am a straight shooter and you will never have to guess what I am thinking.   I am creative and live for the next project.   My best part about my home is it is a representation of me. I love sharing it with others and hope that my home continues to be the place that all the kids want to hang out.


Is it weird to stop at the bathroom? I just really want a chance to brag about it since I just finished my purple board & batten bathroom a couple of weeks ago. I am so proud of it and I would love to show you the bold but classic look I created in here.


I took a risk on purple.   It is bold and bright but I love it.   I think the cream board & batten softens it and makes it look so regal.



Thanks for coming by and spending time with some of my favorite people in my favorite rooms.

Next stop on our tour…

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