Paperbag Pinata

Making a paper bag pinata is an inexpensive alternative to the store bought ones.  They are relatively simple to make and cost less than $2.  This is a repost from last May.  My son’s birthday is this weekend and he begged me for another pinata.  I made some changes to this one including upgrading the theme to Spiderman.

paper bag pinata (2)


Brown paper bag

2 different colors of streamers (found at Dollar Tree)

Optional: Sewing machine


Hot Glue Gun

Packing Tape

Plastic Hangar

Image printed from your computer


Candy or toys


Last year Isaac (who turned 4) had a Larry Boy from Veggie Tales birthday. He is totally going to kill me one day for allowing him to wear that hat.DSC05571

Since there is no such thing as a Larry Boy “pinanna,” as Isaac would say, we decided to make one.


1. They are super easy to make and ultra inexpensive. You start with two paper bags.  DSC05531

I decided to double bag mine so we could get more hitting power but it actually took a long time to break it open so I would use just one bag. I guess it ultimately depends on the age of the children swinging at it. (I decided to go for one paper bag this year). Cut a slit in each of the four creased corners cutting out the excess in between on the sides of the bag.


2. Fill her up with goodies…



3. Grab a sturdy plastic hangar and some packing tape. Folding one edge over the hangar, tape it in place.



Now fold the other side over the first side and tape it in place. Don’t worry about the ugliness right now you will cover it all up.

cheap pinata (8)

4. Using crepe paper streamers start decorating. I HAD TO RUFFLE THEM! I just glued them in place with a hot glue gun. To save time, I ruffled the paper in the the front and then just put the streamers flat on the sides and back.




(This year I decided to run the streamers through my sewing machine on the longest stitch possible.  This automatically ruffled the streamers for me.  I just stitched 1/4” from one edge. I ran the entire streamer through my machine).

cheap pinata (12)

5. Then I googled “Spiderman” and found an image and printed it out on cardstock and then that into an oval shape.

cheap pinata (24)

6. Hot glue some more ruffled streamers onto the back.  Then glue the whole thing onto the ruffled paper bag front.

cheap pinata (2)



It works just like a store bought piñata…


cheap pinata (5)

cheap pinata (6)

paper bag pinata (20)

paper bag pinata (46)

paper bag pinata (55)

Things I learned along the way…

1.  Running the streamers through the machine gives you nice even ruffles and takes less time than trying to create ruffles with the hot glue gun.

2.  Start at the bottom of the paperbag and work your way up with the ruffles.  It is easier to glue on top of the previous ruffle then to lift the last one to glue the next one in. Grrrrr!

3.  Before you finish and reach the top hot glue a flat streamer to the top overlapping the edges over the front and back of the bag to give it a clean finish.

Happy 5th Birthday to you Isaac!