Painted Stained Table

I had the  privilege  of redoing this round barrel like table for an Indy Style viewer.  The painted and stained combo is the perfect contrast in my book.  Adding just a bit of distressing ties in the cream paint with the darker stain.  Every month I am partnering with Indy Style, my local lifestyle show, to rescue one person’s project submission with the intent to revamp it and make it beautiful.   Do you live in the Indy area and have a challenge for me?   Click here to submit yours.   I pick a new project every month! This month Denise won with her round cabinet table.   I chose it because of the cool curvy feet and I just thought it had a lot of potential.   I decided to go with a paint and stain combo to satisfy both the paint and natural wood lovers.


Here is a picture of Denise’s original table.   She had this table for decades and yet couldn’t part with it.   Living a sad life in the garage she quickly took a picture of it when she heard about the contest.

roadkill rescue round table

Here I am live and in living color presenting the table on Indy Style.

As I started prepping the table I couldn’t ignore the beautiful wood that was showing through.   As much as I would have loved to strip the entire piece the bottom half would have needed much more love than I was willing to give.   So I decided to do a two tonal paint and stain combo.



Stripper (I like Jasoc, Bix or Kleen Strip)

Wire brush

Sandpaper (60, 100, 180 and 220 grit)

Antique White paint by Dutch Boy

Home Right Paint Sprayer

Mission Oak Polyshade

old t-shirt for applying stain

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape with film

1.   I removed the old hardware and put it in a vinegar bath.   The acid is just what it needed to make the hardware clean again.


2.   I then stripped the top of the table with some chemical stripper and then followed it up with varying grits of sandpaper to prep it for the stain.


3.   After I wiped it dry I sanded the bottom of the table with 100 grit sandpaper to give it a little tooth for paint.


4.   I used some Scotch Blue Painter’s tape with film to cover the top while I sprayed the bottom with Antique White by Dutch Boy.


5.   Once dry I taped off the bottom and used Mission Oak Polyshade which was my first time using the stain/poly combo in one.


6.   I let it dry for 6 hours and then lightly sanded it with steel wool and applied another coat.   Then I took some 100 grit sandpaper and distressed the edges lightly to bring out the details.   I attached the pulls back and…


refinished round table


Congratulations Denise — and to top it all off today is her birthday.   What a cool present!   May this grace your home for many years to come!

stained and painted table

two tonal end table

Do you love the transformation process?   If so, you will love the trash to treasure site Roadkill Rescue dedicated to all things repurposed.   Come check it out.