Painted Knife Block

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to paint my knife block before now. I wanted to add a few more red accents in my kitchen and thought I would attack my knife block with some red spray paint.   Doesn’t the updated block look so much nicer {and cleaner}?

Painted Knife Block

I have had this oak beauty since the day we were married (almost 13 years ago).   I swear I have cleaned it in my married life it just doesn’t look like it. {Guh-ross!}


After washing it with soap and water really good I sanded it down to make sure all the grease was off of it.   I spray primed it with gray primer and then painted it with Rustoleum’s Heritage Red spray paint.   I needed something a little less bright than my beloved Krylon Cherry Red so I opted for the Heritage Red.

Painted Knife Block

Then I cut out some white vinyl with my Silhouette machine.   I used the Pharmacy font from

Painted Knife Block

Here is some more painted knife blocks for your view pleasure…

Monogrammed by Allison

Monogrammed by Kara

Heirloom White by Staci

Blue by Whitney

Vintage Label Knife

Silver Painted by Gail

Black Dot by Homemaking and Decoratin

I am in the process of looking for new knives.   Anyone have any beloved knife advice?