Paint Sprayer Review

I have gotten questions weekly about the paint sprayer that I use.  I promised months ago to do a post about it and I am finally getting around to it.  The one I use is the Harbor Freight Tools Household Low Volume, Low Pressure paint sprayer (item #92841).  It is the perfect “starter” paint sprayer because it is cheap and gives you an idea of whether or not you like the process of paint spraying.LVLP Paint Sprayer

It retails for $19.99.   Before you run out and buy it you do need an AIR COMPRESSOR in order to operate this and it does not come with the female nipple that connects to the gun (I think they are about $1).

air compressor female nipple

So hear is what I think about it…


1.  It is very cheap and a great start to see if paint spraying is for you.

2.  It sprays well when you have the right consistency of paint

3.  It is lightweight and easy to hold.

4.  It is perfect for small furniture refinishing (although I did use it to spray by Purple Board & Batten bathroom).  I wouldn’t recommend large walls or big projects.

5.  You can use nearly every paint color imaginable because you aren’t limited like you are with spray paint.  I just thin mine according to the paint’s specifications.

6.  It covers quickly and is a huge timesaver.

7.  NO BRUSHSTROKES.  I hate the look of brushstrokes on furniture so I spray it every time!


1.  It works best with a higher PSI air compressor.  I have a small compressor (Max PSI 125) so I can only spray for about 30 seconds before I need to let my tank fill up.  Now that is only a bummer for me. I just have to wait 30 seconds for the tank to refill itself before I can begin again.

2.  It takes practice adjusting the nozzles to get the right spray.  It isn’t like a point and shoot camera.  You have to play with the settings a little to get the spray the way you like it.  It can be annoying at times adjusting the three nozzles just so.

3.  Unlike using spray paint you do have to clean the paint sprayer out. I rinse it all out and then I run hot water through it twice to get all the paint out.  It isn’t as easy as tossing a can out when you are done.

Here are some projects I have used with my paint sprayer…

French Provincial Nightstand

Antique Sideboard Makeover

Roadkill Rescued Television to Console Table

Little Bird Lamp

Kitchen Barstools

So if you are looking to try out a paint sprayer I think for less than $20 it is a pretty sweet deal!