Paint Chip Purse

Hello friends.   I created a little video for you today making some Paint Chip Purse Notepads.   They make a nice little gift to tell someone you were thinking of them.   They are made out of recycled paint chips so they are very cheap to make.


If you don’t want to use paint samples you can always use regular cardstock.



Behr Paint Chip or 5” x 6” cardstock
Paper Trimmer with Scorer Blade
Small Hole Punch
1/4” ribbon
Double Sided Adhesive
Exacto Knife
Self-Healing Mat
Post It Notes
Straight Edge


1.   Using a Behr paint chip or a 5” x 6” piece of cardstock score the long side 3 6/8”, 3 1/2”, 1 1/8”, and 7/8”.   Fold at lines.

2.   Cut the sides at an angle to form a purse shape.

3.   Hole punch the top of your purse with two holes for the purse handle using a small punch.   Hole punch in the middle of the bottom of your purse for the brad.   You will have to eyeball this to figure it out.   Insert the brad and fold the prongs back..

4.   Using 1/4” ribbon attach your purse handle.   Double knot the ends so it stays in place.

5.   Grab a small stack of post it notes.   Make sure the sticky part is at the bottom of your purse.   Using an Exacto knife, self-healing mat and a straight edge trim the top of the post-its.   Then trim the sides at a slight angle (like your base).

6.   Using double sided adhesive (I used Sticky Thumb) adhere the post it notes to the inside base.   Close it and you are done.   You have a cute little notepad to give a friend now.