Weight Watchers Lemon Cake with 7Up – With Video!

I had vaguely heard about cakes made with 7up before but never tried until I found my Granma’s handwritten recipe note and something clicked. Like Magic. I straightaway googled it (as you do, right?) and didn’t find much info about it which I thought was weird. And especially couldn’t work out the amount of 7up {…Read More…}

Can I Use Peppermint Oil to Plump my Lips

…Mum? That’s the question my teen daughter asked me a few weeks back. Of course, I did my own research first since I do have peppermint oil at home but, other than using it in the bath when I feel coldy or to cook, hadn’t used it for anything else to be honest. First thing {…Read More…}

Weight Watchers Lemon Cake with 7Up – Gluten Free!

I had heard about this before but never really tried. Until now, after finding this lovely handwritten recipe in my Granma’s kitchen drawer. She used to be in Weight Watchers all the time on and off. Bless her. Her and her bestie Gloria loved cakes so much and were always looking for the ones with {…Read More…}

5 Ways to Display Holiday Cards

Happy December! Christmas is just a few weeks away, and mailboxes are beginning to be full of something more than just junk mail…holiday cards! No matter if you’re a card-sending person or not, chances are pretty good that you’ll still receive plenty. But what do you do with them? Here are five festive ways to {…Read More…}